Lincoln University named 3rd best Missouri Nursing School


The University of Lincoln nurse is the third best of 53 state programs, a group called announced Wednesday in its "3rd annual ranking of Registered Nurses Program."

The organization said its survey had awarded the first two places to schools offering only a nursing degree (two years) – the State Fair Community College in Sedalia and the Columbia College Campus in Lake Ozark.

LU offers a two-year associate degree and a four-year bachelor's degree in nursing.

"We are excited to be among the best state nursing programs," said Jerald Jones Woolfolk, LU President, in a press release. "With 50 years of experience in nursing education, we know that a degree in nursing from the University of Lincoln is very valuable and we are pleased to be recognized as such."

On its website, the organization explains, "We are graduate nurses who attach great importance to the profession and provide the resources they need to succeed – helping to bring those interested in nursing to the stage." from research to registration to land this first nurse job and beyond. " based its ranking on the performance of nursing school students on the "NCLEX-RN" exam, which all state nursing boards use as a condition of license.

"School success rates have been averaged and weighted by the recurrence of the exam," says the site.

The rankings of the 53 schools in Missouri are based on the NCLEX scores of 2014-18.

The calculation then produced a score, with the State Fair program 97.95, Columbia College 97.00 and LU 96.80.

The other Top 10 schools of Missouri are:

• East Central College, Union, associate degree – 96.70.

• St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley, North St. Louis County, Associate Diploma – 96.12.

University of Missouri State, Springfield, BA – 95.73.

• Crowder College, Neosho, associate degree – 95.28.

• North Missouri College, Trenton, associate degree: 95.15.

• University of Missouri, Columbia (Sinclair School of Nursing), BA – 94.78.

• Truman State University, Kirksville, license – 94.41.

LU's press release indicates that the National Board of Nursing Councils announced that a total of 200,448 aspiring nurses had passed the exam in 2018, of which 76% had passed.

LU noted that all of his 2018 graduates had passed the exam. All graduates from the 2017 School of Nursing have also passed the test.

The LU Nursing School began in 1969 as a two-year program and, according to LU's press release, its graduates "have always been above the national average success rate since the first promotion in 1971" . "