Exclusive: Resignation of Hamilton School Principal


According to Larry Knapp, a member of the Hamilton Board of Education, Hamilton's superintendent of schools, Larry Knapp, will step down.

Alf said Thursday night that Knapp had quit his job since April 2018 for "personal reasons".

Alf explained that the departure of the director was not caused by a conflict with the board of directors consisting of five members who had hired him.

"We wish it stays 20 years," Alf said.

"Larry saved our district and I think of his world. I hate seeing him leave because he's making us go in the right direction, "Alf said. "He was there when we needed him."

Alf added that Knapp had expressed the desire to spend more time with his family, which allowed him to leave early.

Neither Knapp nor the other board members responded to requests for comment on Thursday night.

Knapp had a contract to have 10,000 schools in the city go through the current school year until the summer break.

The school board had aligned Hamilton Deputy Superintendent of Schools Michael Holbrook to replace him from the 2019-2020 school year.

Previously, Knapp was Commercial Director of the Butler County School System, and took office in April 2018 following the resignation of former Superintendent of Hamilton Schools, Tony Orr.

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Knapp is a veteran leader of Ohio Schools for 39 years who was previously Superintendent of Edgewood Schools in Butler County and Acting Superintendent of Warren County Schools in Kings County.

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Holbrook is also a veteran of education, a former school principal and a district-level program officer for the Mount Healthy and Northwest School Districts of Hamilton County.

Journal-News will provide more information as details become available.