Wicomico County Student Seeks Donations for Next School Dance


SALISBURY, Maryland – A Wicomico County student said she was willing to make a difference for many of her classmates and that she did so with sparkly dresses and an upcoming dance.

Haydyn Scrimgeour is an 8th grade student at Bennett Middle School in Salisbury, who recently launched her own campaign "Dance for Hope".

In her living room you will find a rack filled with sequined dresses and a stacked table with several pairs of high heels. And they are not for Haydyn's closet. This is Haydyn's version of hope.

"We just wanted to give children who could not afford to buy dresses and clothes because everyone had to have the chance to look their best, feel better and stay in their own right. have fun, "said Haydyn Haydyn.

She had the idea while shopping with her mother at the mall.

"I had this great idea to donate a bunch of dresses and other formal clothes that we hold at Bennett Middle School," Haydyn said.

Haydyn says it will be a last race for her and her friends before going to high school. And before that happens, Haydyn says that she will collect more dresses and shoes. She says these are gifts that will give her classmates a chance to dance.

Haydyn's mother, Haley, says she could not be more proud.

"It's only the beginning of great things to come for her," Haley said. "We are all strangers until something like this happens and everyone just joins in for these efforts."

Haydyn says she will continue to collect donations until April. She also collects monetary donations and anything that will help her get more dresses or shoes, as well as dry cleaning for the formal ones. Haydyn, who is also a singer, also has a song called "pretending to be." She says that the money from those who buy the song will be used to buy costumes and shoes for boys in need.

The best way to contact Haydyn to donate is by email at DanceForHope2019@gmail.com