Crookston Public Schools – Last minute cancellation means the school will be held on Monday after Easter


Mike Christopherson

The new policy requires the addition of one day of instruction if more than five days are lost due to extreme weather conditions

If you have plans for the long Easter weekend and you have children in Crookston Public Schools, you may need to shorten them one day.

The school being canceled due to the snow storm and its aftermath on Thursday and Friday March 14th and 15th, the school timetable for the 2018-2019 school year goes beyond one day. the limit set by the policy approved by the Crookston School Board about a month ago. Classes will be held on Monday, April 22, the day after Easter Sunday. A public holiday on Good Friday, April 19th, is already part of the program.

Last month, when Superintendent Jeremy Olson presented his weather-related weather policy to the Board of Directors, four days of instruction were canceled until this school year. . The Board approved policy for this year and upcoming school years would result in five days of training lost in bad weather. If a sixth day is canceled, the school will be held on Monday after Easter. If there are more teaching days lost due to weather conditions beyond six o'clock, then the board will consider adding days at the end of the school year to spring.

Olson decided to stop school on Thursday, March 14 in the afternoon of March 13, joining many other school districts and the University of Minnesota at Crookston, which took into account warning meteorologists who had announced that the last blizzard would be particularly unpleasant. In the Crookston area, the blizzard did not produce the 12-inch potential for fresh snow announced, but the extreme winds generated by the storm system followed the advanced hype and led to many closures. roads in the area and many cars and trucks. stuck in the ditches and in the roadways.

On Thursday night, Olson announced that Friday, March 15 would be two hours behind schedule and that buses would be on passable roads. A few minutes before Friday 8 pm, the decision was made to cancel the school because too many roads, including US highways 2 and 75, remained closed.

Minnesota law requires school districts to have at least 165 days of instruction in their calendar. The 2018-19 calendar for Crookston District included 172 days of training, which is now 166.