Parents must be responsible for protecting children from knife crimes once schools are closed, says Ofsted boss


Parents should be responsible for protecting children vulnerable to knife crimes once the school is closed, said the head of the Bureau of Standards in Education, Services and Children's Skills (Ofsted).

Amanda Spielman, chief inspector of the education watchdog, added that one should not expect schools to be "quasi-parents" for the most disadvantaged young people in society.

Addressing hundreds of heads of institutions in Birmingham, Ms. Spielman argued that there had been "failures of parenthood" – including the number of children arriving at the school without potty training.

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She added that "schools can not take it all" and she said she would pressure the government to pay more for prevention services for children.

After her speech at the Association of School and College Leaders Conference, Ms. Spielman stated that children "Most at risk" to the crime of knife between 4pm and 6pm, when the children have left school.

Elle a déclaré: «À ce stade, les enfants ne sont pas la responsabilité de l’école. Il appartient aux parents de déterminer ce que leurs enfants font et où, et dans quelle mesure ils doivent être à la maison ou sous surveillance. "

Ses commentaires sont venus la même semaine que Ofsted a appelé les chefs d’établissement à recevoir plus d’informations et de conseils sur la manière de réagir face à la criminalité au couteau.

Some schools have introduced after-school clubs, or have extended their opening hours, to keep children safe off the streets, while some teachers accompany pupils home to ensure they come to no harm.

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When questioned whether schools should be opening their doors for longer, Ms Spielman added: “It is something that can work, but you clearly cannot mandate schools to do it without financial provision.

“At the moment, children are their parents’ responsibility once the school day is over.”

Speaking to headteachers at the same conference on Saturday, comedian Lenny Henry said arts education can provide “safe spaces” – like clubs or after school groups – that keep children out of trouble.

He said: “I want to see paintbrushes in their hands, not knives. I want to replace ‘stop and search’ with ‘shut up and dance’.”

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view.

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