School nurse arrested for stealing and ingesting drugs for students


Prosecutors on Thursday instituted criminal proceedings against a nurse from Mitchell's community schools for stealing the drugs and having her ingested herself.

Carol Sanders is charged with malpractice, negligence of a dependent and five counts of theft for misdemeanor.

Police arrested Sanders on Thursday and she was placed in the Lawrence County Jail.

A staff member from Burris Elementary launched an investigation earlier this month after the disappearance of student-owned drugs.

Sanders admitted to stealing amphetamines, Ritalin, Zyrtec and other drugs from elementary school students Burris and Hatfield.

The nurse also admitted to replacing some of the drugs administered by the students with baby aspirin.

Sanders said she had stolen the drugs between February 25 and March 7, 2019, according to court records.

"Carol said that she had stolen the drug because she was an addict," read the affidavit of the probable cause. "Carol admitted to needing help with her addiction."

Carol Sanders also admitted that this was not the first time she had been fired from her nursing job for stealing and ingesting medication.

Sanders said he omitted this information from the school district during the hiring process.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Wilcox stated that the district had conducted a thorough criminal background check and that no antecedents had been reported.

Wilcox provided the following statement.

"The Mitchell Community School Family is deeply concerned about this event. This or any other problem that requires us to question the safety of any Mitchell student immediately becomes our top priority. Our outstanding school administrators and our school resource officer responded strongly, fairly and quickly. The parents of our students affected by this event were contacted immediately and showed remarkable support. Ms. Sanders is no longer employed by Mitchell Community Schools. She submitted her letter of resignation. The Mitchell Student Team, families, community members and educators will continue to analyze current practices and work together to find the best solutions for all Mitchell students. "

Sanders is scheduled for a first hearing in Lawrence County on March 25th. No lawyer is on his list.