Report: Jumping balloons may have triggered a warning to active shooter who has crossed the Michigan campus


18:45 16/03/2019 | WE

Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor

Jumping balloons reportedly triggered an active shooter alert on Saturday at the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.

The initial warning from the Public Safety and Security Division was simply as follows: "UM EAlert Ann Arbor: active shooter at Mason Hall. Run, hide, fight. (RELATED: Five deaths in an incident involving an active shooter in Illinois)

UM EAlert Ann Arbor: Active shooter at Mason Hall. Run, hide, fight.

– University of Michigan (@UMich) March 16, 2019

Students reacted to the alert by barricading themselves wherever they were and tweeting outside of school to ask for updates on opportunities. shooter's location.

A photo sent to the Daily by a student at a university library:

– The Michigan Daily (@michigandaily) March 16, 2019

After an hour, the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department made a statement, stating that shooter were up here not-confirmed.

There does not appear to be any active threat to New York University at this time. The information that shots were fired on campus is unfounded at the moment. The University of Police Services, DPSS, continues to investigate and asks you to stay away from the area.

– Sheriff Washtenaw Co (@WSheriff) March 16, 2019

#RUPTURE: Reports of active shooters on U-M campus seem unfounded, sheriff's office says

– Detroit Free Press (@freep) March 16, 2019

Shortly after, several outlets reported that everything was "clear," claiming that unconfirmed information about bright balloons might have been causing the alarm.

ALL CLEAR .. no active shooter at U of M after all. Unconfirmed reports of children with balloons. News Channel 3, CBS News, WWMT, West Michigan

– WWMT Andy Dominianni (@WWMTAndyD) March 16, 2019

LISTEN: This is the emergency alert launched by students at the University of Michigan after an active shooter.

The public security division of the university said there was no threat to the campus and that jumping balloons would have caused the problem.

– WXYZ Detroit (@wxyzdetroit) March 16, 2019

A potentially active shooter reported on the campus of the University of Michigan proves to be a dazzling balloon

– Local 4 WDIV Detroit (@ Local4News) March 16, 2019

@umichdpss The deputy head's deputy media reported that there were 10 calls to 9-1-1 reporting that several shots had been fired. The police responded, were unable to confirm what happened. They said it was balloons bursting, but they were not able to confirm it. @freep

– David Jesse (@reporterdavidj) March 16, 2019

The University of Michigan officially struck the knell at 7:50 pm local time, but no additional details were provided.

– University of Michigan (@UMich) March 17, 2019

This is a developing situation. Come back for updates.

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