THE METEOROLOGICAL CIRCULATION OF MONDAY: A little chilly but dry when students come back



On Monday: High: 69

Monday evening: Low: 50

Tuesday: High: 65

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Despite the schools that let out, traffic in adjacent streets is fairly light Monday afternoon. However, I-20 in DeKalb County is experiencing serious problems.

A car fire had previously shut down all I-20 East lanes near Evans Mill Road, according to the 24-hour traffic center. Shortly after 4:20 pm, all lanes reopened, but significant delays delayed the perimeter.

#UPDATE all the lanes have reopened; heavy delays remain after 285 #ATLtraffic

– AJC WSB Traffic (@ajcwsbtraffic) January 7, 2019

In Henry County, an accident on I-75 South near Ga. 20 also blocked a right lane, according to the Traffic Center.

Henry Co: I-75 / sb before Highway 20/81 (Exit 218); crash blocking the right lane; significant delays; use Highway 41 or Highway 23 as an alternative #ATLtraffic

– AJC WSB Traffic (@ajcwsbtraffic) January 7, 2019

Now that the winter holidays are over, thousands of Atlanta Metro students have returned to school on Monday. School day has ended for schools in Atlanta City as well as for DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb Schools. Expect a rise of school buses on the roads.

New @AAAnews @AJC Gridlock Guy: Remember, back to school, the school bus laws and their application were changed mid-2018 – #ATLtraffic

– Fireball Turnbull (@DougTurnbull) January 7, 2019

North Georgia has warmed up considerably since the '30s and' 40s that she saw this morning. It's now in the 60's and we expect 69 degrees Monday afternoon, said Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Karen Minton.

Warm up: Hello! Times are heading today in northern Georgia under partly cloudy skies in the mid-sixties.

I detect a slight risk of rain for the night – go to noon on Channel 2! @wsbtv

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

"We have approached the 70 (Sunday)," said Brian Monahan, Meteorologist at Channel 2. "We will not be as hot today, but in the mid-60s we will take it."

While a jacket was needed Monday morning, students could be short-sleeved by the afternoon, he said.

# Back2School in Fulton County today! Jackets this morning, but short sleeves this afternoon.

See you now at 7am on Channel 2! @wsbtv

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

The dry period continues Monday. Before this weekend, it had been a long time since North Georgia had not enjoyed a day without showers or overcast skies. The second time the region experienced two dry days, it was November 17 and 18, according to Channel 2.

Yes, it has been a long time since we had a completely dry day on the subway. #ATL! @KatieWallsWSB is gone in the registers – it must go back to 17 and 18 November! @wsbtv

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

The clouds are expected to thicken on Monday before the next meteorological system that will arrive in North Georgia at night, but Minton said it should mean a slight burst of an otherwise dry forecast.

"We are waiting for the arrival of the next meteorologist, and this will be only a brief front," she said. "Most of the time, you will not even know that's what happened, even if it's possible that this isolated splash will start on Tuesday."

Minton said the chances of rain are 10% Tuesday morning.

Another hot day today – but LOT of cooler air will come later this week.

Update this part of the live preview now with @KarenMintonWSB until 7am on Channel 2. @wsbtv

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

Once the front has crossed Tuesday, the winds should begin to strengthen, she said. Gusts of 25 mph are possible, with even higher wind speeds in some places.

With the wind comes the air much colder.

For the future, the breeze will blow tomorrow behind a cold front … while the air much colder settles.

Update forecasts with @KarenMintonWSB at 5:49 on Channel 2! @wsbtv

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

"A sharp drop in temperatures is expected for the second half of the week," Monahan said. "Wednesday and Thursday sunny and cold. Temperatures in the 40s friday.

Watch for the colder air that arrives for the second half of the week … and yes, a chance (it's still very early!) Of a winter mix on some parts of the area in weekend.

We'll update it at noon on Channel 2!

– Brian Monahan, TSB (@BMonahanWSB) January 7, 2019

According to the latest forecasts, there could be a winter mix in the mountains of northeastern Georgia from Friday to Saturday.

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