A Chesapeake father claims that his son's assault on school should be considered a hate crime


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A class struggle in a school has escalated into what parents now call a hate crime.

The incident occurred in December at Grassfield High School in Chesapeake. One father stated that another student had used racial slurs and tied a rope to his son's neck.

Chesapeake police have accused a student of simple assault and beatings, but the victim's father wants it to be classified as a hate crime.

The father said that his son was going to consult now.

"My son should not have to deal with this," said Sean Watt.

Watt stated that the incident occurred while his son was in the guitar class.

"There was a student there and he was talking about his KKK membership," he said.

Watt said that the student was allegedly holding a rope and followed this comment with racial slurs.

"My son approached him and said:" You have to relax or relax. "The student at first hit with the rope, then my son caught him and you know, he dropped it and then left him alone. When he returned for s & # 39; 39, to move away, that's when the rope is passed around his neck, "Watt said.

According to a statement written by Watt's son, he pulled the rope, went away and asked the teacher to go to another classroom. He told another teacher and the two boys were sent to the office.

"They told me that they were proud of the way my son behaved," said Watt, referring to the fact that he had been contacted by the directors of the company. 39; school.

Police accused the student of simple assault and battery, but Watt is upset. The charge is not more serious.

"If it's not a hate crime, which has happened, then I do not know what it is," Watt said. "The only way I think racism can be eradicated, is to confront it and call it as it is."

He also stated that he had more questions than answers about how the situation had been handled.

"He was in the class. I guess something like that, if you're a teacher, you have to see it, "said Watt. "It's ridiculous, I do not know what happened to the other child, I do not know if he could try to come back and be upset by my son."

A spokeswoman for the Chesapeake School District said that the school had taken appropriate action, but that she could not comment on each student's discipline.

It is unclear whether any action has been taken against the first teacher in the class. Watt said he was following up with the Commonwealth attorney's office to see if the charges would be altered.