North St. Paul High School was locked twice in one day after hearing a student armed and threatened on social media.


North St. Paul's High School was locked twice Thursday – a first sequel to a student's statement with a handgun, then later when a student posted a threat on social media, according to the police.

In the first case, the police found two students at North High School with a replica firearm who used him for "threatening type behavior towards other students," said the Captain Dustin Nikituk, spokesperson for the North St. Paul Police.

"You would never have known that it was a fake gun before a thorough inspection," he said.

The police were called back to school after a student threatened that another weapon had been left in the school; it was a "school-like threat," Nikituk said. The police found the student and determined that the Instagram post was a hoax.

Thursday afternoon, North High School staff was warned that a student would have had a handgun at school, said director Greg Nelson in a message to parents.

The school's resource officer was the first to answer around 12:45 pm, with other agents, and they found two male students in a bathroom with a replica of the school. a gun, said Nikituk.

"They went around the gun and directed it to the students," he said. "The gun looked very real – like a Glock."

Police determined that it was apparently an unloaded BB gun. The agents arrested the two young men, who, according to Nikituk, will face charges.

At around 1:40 pm, the police were called back to high school about a threat posted on social media.

The school was locked again and was searched, and the police found the student who had held the post, according to Nikituk. The student was entrusted to the school staff.

"We are very lucky to have been able to resolve the situation quickly. Everyone was safe and the school resumed normal activities, "Nikituk said.

In a statement, Superintendent Christine Osorio said, "In District 622, the safety of students and staff is our top priority. The vigilance of our staff and students is paramount to the safety of the school. We are proud of our team for its communication and quick response. "