Hudson selectmen seeks information on the state of the school headquarters building


Electricians are asking school officials to appear before them to discuss the state of 120-year-old Apsley Street School Headquarters and the need to repair the building.

HUDSON – Selectmen wants more information from school officials about the aging state of the Apsley Street School Administration Headquarters before creating a committee to look into future options for building.

Council hopes that on Monday, Len Belli, the school's school principal, will meet with select people to discuss the extent of needed repairs, the cost of renovating the 120-year-old building and the price of a new building. building. Selectman said they did not want to create a committee without first hearing from the school representatives.

"I want to hear the experts," said Selectman Scott Duplisea.

It's hard to know when Belli and other school officials will meet with elected officials.

The Apsley Street building needs a new roof and cornices, a brick jointing, new windows and chimney repairs. This work is estimated at $ 1.2 million.

The price of labor is greater than 25% of the estimated value of the building, which means that the city should make the site accessible to people with reduced mobility under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The city would be required to install a lift and a bathroom on the second floor, to correct the problems of outdoor accessibility and to make domestic modifications at an estimated cost of less than $ 5 million. This does not include the costs of moving the administration during construction.

Among the tasks to be considered by a committee is whether the building can be renovated without triggering ADA compliance.

The committee would probably also have the task of discussing the occupation of the administrative building and establishing the immediate needs, to consider the options for the current site and to determine if any spaces in the building. Other schools in the district can be made available.

Among the possible options, municipal and school officials initially planned to build a new one-storey administrative building – including offices, storage space and a 70-seat school board presentation room – on the school's site. former police headquarters, Packard Street. Selectmen Monday said it was not viable because of the $ 10 million price.

Selectman Joseph Durant questioned the need for a 70-seat presentation room, saying that several other areas of the city, such as the senior citizens' center, the new police station and the high school, could be used for meeting rooms.

The building, which was previously a school, has recently been undergoing some repairs: it has stabilized one of the ruined chimneys on the west side and removed a small, faulty chimney at the back. Facilities crew also repaired sections of the roof many years ago.

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