The mayor will speak with school officials about his administrative role


Opelousas mayor, Julius Alsandor, has announced his intention to meet with the heads of the parish school of St. Landry in the near future to determine his status as high school administrative assistant.

In an interview after his first Aldermen council meeting on Tuesday night, Alsandor said he would no longer publicly discuss his employment status with the district until he spoke to staff members of the council. central office.

When asked if he would resign from his position in the school district, Alsandor said he could not answer the question.

"I will let everyone know what will happen after talking to representatives of the school system," Alsandor said. "Until then, no decision has been made, I will not comment until I talk to people in the central office."

Alsandor did not address the issue of his job at school at the board meeting, which was attended by an audience exceeding the capacity of the boardroom.

After the closing of the meeting, many people present contacted Alsandor and the board for private conversations.

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Alsandor has been working for Opelousas High for several years as a director, as well as coaching the school's softball team.

Alsandor, who served for 10 years on Aldermen's board before winning the second election on Dec. 8, said he plans to lead the team this spring. The regular softball season begins in February.

During the meeting, the board chose Alderwoman Sherell Roberts as interim mayor. Initially, Roberts was appointed by Alderman Special Advisor, Marvin Richard, following the candidacy of Alderman Charles Cummings to the candidacy of Alderman Milton Batiste III.

Batiste later asked to withdraw his name from the candidacy and Roberts was unanimously chosen.

Alsandor said that as acting mayor, Roberts could assume temporary duties such as chairing meetings and signing documents.

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In another file, the council voted 6 to 6 to renew the mandate of Travis Broussard as city prosecutor. Later, the board also voted unopposed to choose Morgan Goudeau and Associates as the city's engineering office, and the Daily World was also unanimously elected as the official legal journal of the council. administration.

Alsandor also made appointments including the appointment of Batiste as Chair of the Budget Committee, Cummings as Chair of the Staff Committee and Richard, Chair of the Services Committee.

The accounting firm Kolder, Champagne and Slaven was chosen by Alsandor to carry out audits of the city.

The council did not vote on the municipal clerk's office. Alsandor said that he was not ready to make a recommendation for the job. Until then, Leisa Anderson, who was clerk under former mayor Reggie Tatum, will remain in office, said Alsandor.

Alsandor said it planned to institute pre-agenda meetings including committee discussions and recommendations.

"This will prevent (meetings) discussing points for 30 or 40 minutes at the regular meeting. It will also hold us responsible, "Alsandor said.

In addition, the board unanimously adopted a resolution allowing the city to obtain a credit card that will be used by the administration and the officials of the various municipal departments.

Alsandor said the VISA credit card would be established through the US Opelousas bank.

Anderson told the board that the Tatum administration was using a current account. She said that Donald Cravins Sr.'s administration was using a credit card.

As a credit card will be used by the city to pay bills and make purchases, said Broussard, the council will have to make an order after discussing the issue at the February meeting.

Chief of Police Martin McClendon, also elected in the second round on December 8, announced that he was organizing his department.

McClendon said Major Mark Guidry will serve as patrol commander. Captain Craig Thomas was chosen to lead the investigation services. Deputy Chief Scott Aymond has been appointed Budget Officer, McClendon said.