"I need justice": a student is killed at home during his leave


A man accused of shooting his friend faced a judge for the first time Thursday, just days after his capture by the authorities, in a local Chuck E. Cheese newspaper, according to Channel 2 Action News.

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Iseir George was home after the winter break at Albany State University when authorities announced that he had received a call from Dakari Tolbert on December 21st. Tolbert, 24, asked George to go out, which he did, according to information presented to the court.

"And then, you are accused of having removed a firearm from your person, of pointing it at the victim and of having repeatedly hit it with a weapon," said the Chief Justice of Clayton County, Wanda Dallas.

Witnesses told the police that they heard several gunshots before finding George shot twice in front of the residence in block 1600 on Broad River Road near College Park. They also saw an SUV leave the scene.

The parents were inside the house at the time of the shooting. They have since left Georgia following the death of George, reported Channel 2.

"You took it from me, so I need justice," said George's mother Aisha Drayton at Channel 2.

Iseir George had returned home to Albany State University for the winter holidays when authorities announced that he had been shot dead on Dec. 21. (Photo: Channel 2 Action News)

According to the warrants read in court, the police checked George's last call and learned that it was a phone belonging to Tolbert's girlfriend, Corina Robertson.

When the police went to Robertson's house, she told them that Tolbert was no longer living there. However, the SUV witnesses saw leaving the scene of the shooting was at home, officials said.

Tolbert was with Robertson and their child around 6:30 pm Tuesday, when a member spotted him and arrested him in a "remote area of ​​families who appreciate Chuck E. Cheese's," said Wednesday the Clayton County Sheriff's Office in a statement. Robertson was also arrested and charged with housing a fugitive.

"It bothered me," said Alfred Drayton, George's father. "How can you murder someone's kid and then spend a family night at Chuck E. Cheese's?"

Tolbert is charged with murder and aggravated assault and is detained at Clayton County Jail until a bond hearing is established. Robertson is also in jail instead of a $ 8,000 bail, according to prison records.