Mamaroneck: New teacher contract concluded


A new contract was concluded between the Mamaroneck Teachers' Association and the Board of Education, after nearly three years of negotiations.

Union members are expected to vote on the document on Jan. 17. The school council president and her union, Janet Knight, refused to provide details on the new contract until it was ratified by the union.

"Both parties have worked hard to reach a fair and equitable agreement for our teachers, who are financially responsible to our taxpayers and who maintain the excellent educational program to which the community is used to, "wrote in an email the members of the Board of Education announcing the agreement with the school. community earlier this month.

Informal conversations between the two parties began in January 2016, six months before the expiry of the district contract for teachers, teaching assistants and nurses. The parties met more than ten times for formal collective bargaining, including with a state-appointed mediator in 2018.

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In November, the parties were preparing for the "fact-finding phase", ie each party would submit contract proposals explaining their position to a state employee investigator in charge of employee relations. utilities, which would review the arguments and make recommendations.

But the parties settled the terms of a new agreement in December.

Some of the issues that have stalled the negotiations over the years have been the unions' contribution to their health care plans and the growth of their wages.