A former psychology student at the College of New Rochelle claims that three professors have sexually harassed her, including one who sent her a selfie from her penis, but school officials have not taken any measured.

Instead, she was fired from campus, she says.

Yvonne Taylor, 43, filed a complaint in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, claiming that the three instructors had made sexual claims inside and outside the classroom, claiming that her notes had suffered when she had refused.

Taylor, a divorced mother of three, says the alleged violence allegedly began in the fall of 2016 in Professor Bryan Boatswain's digital literacy class, according to court documents.

In a text message of April 11, 2017, Boatswain would have told him, "I think of you naked," according to Taylor.

Maneuverer denied the allegations.

Another teacher, Hassan Shabazz, told Taylor that he was attracted to her and that he "wanted to take me on vacation," Taylor says.

She got a B + in her forensic psychology class, and Shabazz later told her that if she had allowed him to practice oral sex on her, "I would have had an A," Taylor told Post .

Shabazz admitted to having "flirted" with Taylor, but denied the statement that he had suspended his studies.

The third teacher, Jeffrey Davis, once said, "If there were no surveillance cameras pointing directly at him, he would" bend "and" take it, "he says.

He also sent Taylor photos of his penis, she says.

Davis could not be reached.

She says that she stopped attending Davis classes in December and complained about another teacher she trusted, Timothy Rodgers.

She says Rodgers agreed to let Taylor finish her classes online, then called security and escorted her off the campus.

Not being able to attend the classes in person hurt her average and she barely missed her degree with distinction, Taylor said.

College spokeswoman Lenore Carpinelli declined to comment.