ELMWOOD PARK – The Borough's school district is raising money for a brunch to thank the firefighters and other first responders who fought the devastating nine-alarm fire at Marcal Paper Mills last week under conditions icy and windy.

The event, dubbed #EPStrongDay, will take place on February 22 in all schools in the district. Staff members and the 2,600 students in the district are invited to donate $ 2 and to dress in the school's red, black and white colors to show their support to the borough's first responders. Superintendent Anthony Iachetti.

"Thank you to everyone who helped during this time," said Iachetti. "It's to help rebuild the community and bring people together."

The event is organized by parents' organizations in the district, he said. The date of the brunch is still being determined.

Firefighters, police officers and employees of the Elmwood Park Department of Public Works and first responders from surrounding towns who responded to the fire will be invited.

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This is one of many fundraisers and events organized as a result of the fire to help victims.

A GoFundMe page created to help 500 workers at Marcal Paper Mills left unemployed after the fire that ravaged the factory raised more than $ 81,500 on Friday.

The page was launched Thursday by Soundview Paper, Marcal's parent company, and Atlas Holdings, owner of Marcal, jointly with St. Joseph's Health in Paterson.

Marcal organized an event Tuesday to inform workers about eligibility for health insurance, personal services, housing assistance programs and other resources.

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