Classes were canceled Monday after authorities received a report that a student at Belleville West High School might have a loaded weapon on campus, police said.

"School staff learned that a student may be in possession of a weapon," said director Rich Mertens in a message sent to students and parents.

An initial investigation conducted by the police and school authorities revealed that one student had reported bringing the firearm to the school and left it in his schoolbag in his locker at the school. gym while he was in class, Belleville police wrote in a press release. The student went back in search of "sack having been searched by an unknown subject" and the gun was gone.

The school was immediately locked, the statement said, and the Belleville police "assisted by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department, began helping school staff to systematically abandon the school. school".

The school is expected to reopen on Tuesday, said District 201 Superintendent Jeff Dosier.

Monday's dismissal was an "abundant warning" that an armed person was in school.

"The referral was ordered and law enforcement officials were present with the students in the hallways, each classroom being closed. The investigation in this case is ongoing and the detectives of the DBP continue to question several juvenile subjects involved in this incident, "police wrote in the statement.

On Monday 11:15, the police told the police that someone could have a loaded weapon on campus at 4063 Frank Scott Parkway West.

Students who had a car were allowed to leave the campus, while students who were waiting for a parent to pick them up or the arrival of their bus would be asked to wait in the theater for the first time. school.

"Rest assured that no student will be forced to leave without a parent coming to pick them up," said Mertens.

Dosier said that the school has more than 2,200 students and that they were released piece by piece.

Mertens sent a second message around 13 hours. concerning parents of pupils who have not yet been allowed to leave.

The delay was caused by the "systematic dismissal of students" under the direction of police officers, Mertens said.

"We understand that it's a stressful time if you have to wait for the dismissal of your students," said Mertens.

Dosier said it was too early to decide on any disciplinary action that may be taken in this case. He added that the police had received a safety video to watch.

Police investigated alleged threat to Belleville West In mid-December, after several people heard the threat, a student made the threat and then posted it on social media.

He was later deemed not credible.

The school district is "just trying to stay ahead" in such situations, Dosier told the BND at the time.