Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Official Portrait of the American House)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Official Portrait of the American House)

The "green dream" project of the Alexandria Congress, representative of New York, of Ocasio-Cortez has been widely ridiculed and can not even get a vote in the House.

According to the Washington examiner, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Did not promise that she would have enough time, and last week she did not even read the report. ambitious resolution.

The chair of the House Rules Committee, Jim McGovern, D-Mass., Who helped determine the timing of the debates and the rules of the debate, said the leaders are waiting to see how many legislators have signed the bill. bill before deciding whether to introduce it or not.

But a whole new level of opposition has emerged, with a guru of the environmental movement calling the plan "climate falsification".

"I call the bulls – not only on AOC, but also on its progressive media facilitators who allow it to pass the most crucial test of the moral and political leadership of our time in climate change: the position of A person on nuclear, "said Michael Shellenberger, founder and president of the nonprofit Environmental Progress.

It is a "Time Hero of the Environment" and a "high priest" of the atomic humanist movement.

Shellenburger has helped save nuclear reactors around the world, from Illinois to New York, through South Korea and Taiwan, by avoiding pollution equivalent to 24 million cars on the world's roads.

It has been featured in the New York Times, the National Review, the NPR and other news outlets.

His comments have been reported by Marc Morano from Climate Depot.

"Now that more details on the New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's" Green New Deal "have been released, a major figure in the environmental community, Michael Shellenberger, calls for his project for failing to support nuclear energy, "wrote Morano.

Shellenberger also called Ocasio-Cortez "climate fraud", and is "scandalized by the uncritical and whimsical media coverage of the" Green New Deal ".

Shellenberger said: "I call the climate bulls. Anyone who calls for the phasing out of nuclear power is a climate fraud perpetuating precisely the gigantic "hoax" that [Oklahoma Republican] Senator James Inhofe has accused environmentalists of perpetuating ".

He wrote on Twitter that "if you want to be a progressive and self-respecting journalist who is concerned about or dealing with the climate problem, then stop giving Ocasio-Cortex and other supposed greens a pass. be affected by the climate ".

"They increase emissions," he wrote.