Thousand Oaks (CBSLA) – A protest by a handful of members of the Westboro Baptist Church's hate group was overwhelmed by the dozens of counter-protesters who stood in front of Thousand Oaks High School high school on Monday morning.

While only four WBC protesters were standing on a sidewalk in front of the school, across the street, a large crowd also gathered signs to counter the WBC's despicable speech.

(Jon Baird / KNX 1070)

Last week, the school sent e-mails to parents warning them about the protest, but it encouraged students to come to class and ignore hate messages.

"It's very disturbing that they bring so much hate after this city has gone through so much turmoil," Danielle Williams told CBS2, opposing the protest. "I was evacuated from fires, I live near the scene of the shooting."

WBC supporters say the mass shots at Borderline Bar last November, and the Woolsey fire that followed, are punishments by an angry God. They specifically attacked the Thousand Oaks High Pride Alliance, mental health and Catholic clubs.

WBC was classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its inflammatory speech. It is not associated with any Baptist denomination. Its protests mainly concerned Jews, Catholics, American politicians, soldiers and the LGBTQ community.

Against-demonstrators. February 11, 2019. (Jon Baird / KNX 1070)

"I wanted to show my support to the students and let them know that they had people on their side," said another opponent of CBS2.

Protesters from the WBC stayed about an hour Monday before announcing that they were also heading for Pepperdine University.

The group made the headlines in the past due to disruptive demonstrations at soldiers' funerals. This prompted Parliament to pass a bill in 2012 requiring protesters to remain within 100 meters of military funerals and to prohibit them from demonstrating two hours before and after the funeral.