CRESTWOOD, Kentucky –

A student from an Ohio State University campus and a man believed to have kidnapped her died after a police chase and shots, said Tuesday the state police of Kentucky.

The lawsuit began Monday afternoon in northern Kentucky when police responded to a call about a person in distress, authorities said in a press release.

Officers intervened when the vehicle came out of a road and stopped on a ramp in Oldham County, northeast of Louisville. Police said that a soldier had heard shots fired by the vehicle and fired back. The victim, Skylar Williams and the suspect, Ty & rell Pounds, were shot.

Authorities said the soldier killed Pounds. It was not known at once whether Williams had been shot by Pounds or by an officer.

Williams was a student at Mansfield Campus in the state of Ohio. She and Pounds were both from Mansfield.

The authorities said that Ms. Williams was on a school parking lot shortly before noon Monday, when she was reportedly approached by Pounds, armed with a firearm, and l '. forced to get in his vehicle and take off.

Kentucky police told a witness called 911 that the person had seen a woman in distress at a gas station being forced into a vehicle by a man. The interlocutor said that it seemed that the woman was asking for help.

"Someone just kidnapped a girl on campus with a gun," said a raging woman at a 911 dispatcher.

According to ABC News, Mr. Pounds' roommate reportedly told the police that Mr. Williams and Mr. Pounds were dealing with custody issues, the authorities said.

Williams had previously charged Pounds of Sexual Assault in September 2018 and, in a police report dated January 3, 2019, after Pounds attempted to bring Williams into his vehicle at a gas station, she stated to the police that she had filed a protection order against her.

"Our community of the state of Ohio has suffered a tragic loss with the death of Skylar Williams, a student at Mansfield," said Ohio University President Michael V. Drake, in a statement. "This insane and shocking incident has shaken our campus."

The university said that advice was available for members of the university community on the Mansfield campus.

The Critical Incident Response Team of the Kentucky State Police investigates.

ABC News and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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