MARYLAND – From slots to schools, Governor Larry Hogan allocates a percentage of Maryland casinos' revenue to an education trust fund for public school systems.

In December, Maryland has six casinos have seen an increase totaling more than $ 148 million, of which $ 45 million goes to the trust fund. But with this extra money, some local educators are worried about the distribution of that money in school districts here on the east coast.

"What can help Montgomery County get $ 3 million can change the way we do business here, so I hope that all the money that will be paid to us, when it comes and it will be, will be important enough to have a real impact on what we do, our students, "said Somerset County Superintendent John Gaddis.

Lockbox funds add up to $ 3.5 billion invested by the governor for school construction projects over the next five years. Wicomico County Councilor Bill McCain said the time was right for schools to start thinking about how they could take advantage of new / updated resources.

"[The state] said the counties were hoping to increase their funding levels, but for now, we do not know what the new formula will be, "said McCain.

McCain said that there remained a lot of questions about how the money would be allocated and on keeping up the effort or part of the existing budget.

"The amount of money they are talking about is a major commitment, so will all this money come from the state or will it be shared with the counties?" McCain said.

The Worcester County Ocean Downs Casino has seen a 45% increase between December 2017 and 2018 with the addition of 18 table games. It is this type of local money that could now be used to fund children's gardens and universal preschool teachers for school systems in Eastern Shore.

Governor Hogan's office indicates that, for the time being, funds will be distributed in the same way as school construction projects and that teachers' salaries are calculated according to the needs and size of the county.