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250 children trapped after the program after school due to floods

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A freshman teacher investigates for reading a book about gay rabbits to children

0 Missing 21-year-old Melbourne body found in Indian River MELBOURNE, Fl. – The body of a 21-year-old missing man was found Tuesday afternoon in the Indian River lagoon near the Melbourne Causeway, police said. The agents were summoned to Melbourne… Continue Reading →

Parents wonder if school shooting exercises traumatize children

BUFFALO, NY – Long before a former student opened fire on his former classmates in Parkland, Florida, many school districts held regular shooting drills. These exercises, which sometimes included simulated gunshots and blood, proceeded without warning. . The exercises began… Continue Reading →

Three supervised children attend Blount Co. Elementary School

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) – After three students from a Blount County Elementary School were placed under surveillance, the school board decided to act. Blount County Schools created a Mental Health Committee in the fall of 2018 as a group… Continue Reading →

"Everyone is welcome": children reach out to gay teacher threatened by LGBT lessons

A primary school gay teacher who was targeted amid protests by parents against the teachings of homosexuality was flooded with cards of support from children saying "everyone is welcome ". Andrew Moffat, Assistant Warden at Parkfield Community School Birmingham, has… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE Facebook now "ready to cause real harm to children" The campaign calls for the end of "exploitation" that benefits children

(Image courtesy of Pixabay) A coalition of consumer advocacy and privacy organizations has once again written to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to demand that the company's "Messenger Kids" program be closed as well as its " targeted operations on children… Continue Reading →

Teachers in difficulty and children arrested

In the second year, a boy attacked my teacher. Mrs. F ended up with a cut lip (she had suspenders) and a bruised ego, hair across. The Troubled Kid ended up out of class, but it's only after a year… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE Vermont to Christian Students: You're Not Welcomed A lawsuit challenges the banishment by the state of a class of children from the program

A new lawsuit has been filed against the heads of the Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont State Colleges System for a program that distinguishes students from religious schools and tells them that they are not welcome in a… Continue Reading →

Albany military mothers return home to surprise their children at Hackett College

Christopher Sang, left, and Breannie Jackson, right, find their mother, Erica Gonzalez, left, and Jessica Gonzalez, right, at a meeting to be held at Hackett Middle School on Friday, February 1, 2019 at Albany, New York. the soldiers, who are… Continue Reading →

Asian children in high schools would collapse with the proposed changes for admission

The number of Asian children admitted to the city's high schools would fall by about half in less than Redevelopment of admissions proposed by the town hall, according to a new report. The analysis conducted by the independent non-partisan budget… Continue Reading →

Teacher and helpers lock up autistic children in a closet, say the cops. It was not everything.

A teacher and two assistants from a Florida school district were charged Monday for mistreating children with autism, including locking them in a dark room to punish them, investigators said. On the same day, a primary school guidance counselor from… Continue Reading →

Teacher of the Year Organizing a Teach-in to Protest Trump's Immigration Policy on Detention of Undocumented Children

A few months after being named National Teacher of the Year and meeting with President Donald Trump, Mandy Manning will lead the charge in a national protest against the administration 's policy of detaining undocumented immigrant children. Manning, who has… Continue Reading →

A former teacher of Alpena accused of having sex with children

Micah Walker Detroit Free Press Posted at 18:56 EST on January 15, 2019 A former teacher at Alpena Public Schools is confronted with numerous counts of sexual behavior involving children as a result of a survey conducted jointly by the… Continue Reading →

Teams from the arts community with a Cleveland City Councilor and schools to collect used instruments for children

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A group of arts leaders have partnered with Cleveland City Schools and Councilor Kevin Conwell to increase exposure to Cleveland youth music. L & # 39; effort Play It Forward Cleveland, intends to solicit donations of lightly… Continue Reading →

Ursinus College Professor: Students want to be treated like children

Professor Jonathan Marks of Ursinus College recently stated in a column that students wanted to be treated like children. He sneakily suggests that Fresno University, which has adopted a new policy to be like other students, should adopt Barney, the… Continue Reading →

A school in Montreal evacuated while children suffer from mysterious nausea and vertigo

MONTREAL – Levels of carbon monoxide in the corridors of a Montreal elementary school where 43 people became ill and had to be hospitalized Monday were five times higher than those who usually trigger an evacuation, said a senior official…. Continue Reading →

Spending on education has been reduced by $ 7 billion since 2011, children "paying the price of austerity," according to Labor

Schoolchildren and adult learners 'pay the price of austerity', new figures show that spending on education has been reduced by more than £ 7 billion since 2011, The work force said. An analysis conducted by the House of Commons library… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE The attack against schoolchildren at home strikes hard Family fights for attack where government kidnaps children for "socialization"

(Image courtesy of Pixabay) The European Court of Human Rights has issued a decision supporting a decision by the German authorities to require that parents abandon their children to public socialization in public schools, together with the right of the… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE School: children can not share the details of the promotion of the Bible "On the verge of learning a tough lesson in constitutional law"

A lawsuit was filed against the Huntington Beach, California, Municipal School District to prevent students from sharing information with each other about the "Bring Your Bible to School" promotional day. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in California by… Continue Reading →

Simply fewer schools for children in Wake County see the end of several decades of student growth

Planners say that three decades of continued growth in the Wake County school system will come to an end, leading to heated discussions about the future of the district. Wake-up schools only grew to 42 students this school year –… Continue Reading →

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