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Atlanta teachers' strike may be over, but observers warn that there is no clear path to follow as to how LAUSD can afford its new contract

By Taylor Swaak | LA School Report The unified school board L.A. has approved a Contract with his teachers' union that officials admit they can not afford to, questioning the sustainability of the agreement as the district receives repeated warnings… Continue Reading →

Denver's first teachers strike over 25 years is set for Monday after the end of contract negotiations with the school district

Union leaders representing educators at Denver Public Schools ended negotiations on the contract with the district on Saturday night after more than six hours of final talks, announcing that they would implement plans for the city's first teachers' strike, on… Continue Reading →

Mamaroneck: New teacher contract concluded

Colleen Wilson Rockland / Westchester News Journal Posted at 3:20 pm EST January 10, 2019 A new contract was concluded between the Mamaroneck Teachers' Association and the Board of Education, after nearly three years of negotiations. Union members are expected… Continue Reading →

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