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AMERICAN MINUTE Slavery, abortion: more closely related than Dems will admit Bill Federer tells the wisdom of those who ask, who is not fit to live?

On January 27, 1837, Lincoln warns, "When should we expect a dangerous approach? I answer that if it ever comes to us, it must arise among us; it can not come from abroad. If destruction is our lot, we must… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE & # 39; This directory case can be concealment & # 39; Limbaugh: Dems uses Northam's racism to hide his support after birth

Ralph Northam's 1984 Yearbook Page from Eastern Virginia Medical School presents this photo The entire racial controversy around the photo of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's yearbook, is it only a giant smoke screen to mask the governor's support for abortions… Continue Reading →

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