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AMERICAN MINUTE Requests for reparations are silent on the slave trade of today Bill Federer tells the tragic story of human slavery

There are more slaves today than ever before in the history of mankind, said Benjamin Skinner, a member of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. It is estimated that 27 million people… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE The surprising origin of Valentine's Day Bill Federer tells the story of romantic vacations

Valentine's day secretly marrying a soldier with his fiancee In the third century, the Roman Empire was invaded by the Goths. At the same time, the Cyprian plague, probably smallpox, killed 5,000 people a day at its height. So many… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 'When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains'                                 Bill Federer is about Russia's long, bloody history

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Novgorod, which means "new town," was the first and only Russian Republic until modern times. Founded as a trading port near the Baltic Sea in 859 A.D., it was considered the first city of the Rus people, and… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 Lincoln, Darwin: Same birthdates, different fates                                 Bill Federer recounts the historical significance of both men's actions, faith

Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day, Feb. 12, 1809, but their lives had opposite effects. Lincoln is best known for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation and freeing millions of slaves, claiming all… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE Slavery, abortion: more closely related than Dems will admit Bill Federer tells the wisdom of those who ask, who is not fit to live?

On January 27, 1837, Lincoln warns, "When should we expect a dangerous approach? I answer that if it ever comes to us, it must arise among us; it can not come from abroad. If destruction is our lot, we must… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE Montesquieu: Greater influence (than God) on the Constitution Bill Federer tells the impact of the French political philosopher on the founding fathers

Baron de Montesquieu "Society … must rest on principles that do not change" – wrote Montesquieu in book 24 of "The Spirit of Laws". Montesquieu was a French political philosopher whose books were read by Catherine the Great of Russia,… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 Biggest conflict in our nation: Politicians vs. people                                 Bill Federer recounts presidential warnings for usurpation

"Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" William Henry Harrison, born Feb. 9, 1773. Harrison was an aide-de-camp to General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, who defeated the British and Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, 1794. Harrison was the hero of the Battle… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 The decision is obvious: Dump the Boy Scouts                                 Bill Federer recounts proud history, sad decline of international organization

Sir Robert Baden-Powell began the boy scouting movement in England in 1908, and two years later, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated, Feb. 8, 1910. Robert Baden-Powell was educated at Charterhouse, London, and joined the English hussars in 1876…. Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE Frederick Douglass: A man with a mission (pious) Bill Federer tells a remarkable life of a slave become free

Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass was born Frederick "Baily" in a Maryland plantation around February 7, 1817, although there is no specific document because he was a slave. He then chose the birth date of February 14, remembering that his mother… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 The faith of Ronald Reagan: Not fake news                                 Bill Federer recounts religious beliefs 40th president

President Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was born Feb. 6, 1911. A graduate of Eureka College, Illinois, 1932, he worked as a lifeguard, and reported for radio stations in Iowa. He became a sports announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games and… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 Why is 'separation of church and state' so misquoted?                                 Bill Federer relates origin, history behind misused sentence

After King Henry VIII broke from Rome in 1534, England began enforcing Anglican religious uniformity. Some people want to purify the Anglican Church from within, being given the name "Puritans." Of those were Thomas Helwys, John Murton and John Smyth,… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE Hitler in power: the ominous echo of the left of today Bill Federer tells how the plan to ethnically cleanse Germany has led to atrocities

Hitler welcomes a child Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) said: "Socialized medicine is the keystone of the creation of a socialist state". "Nazi" is the abbreviation of the National Socialist Workers' Party. Its leader was Adolph Hitler, who became Chancellor of Germany… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE Who remembers what is the day of the four chaplains? Bill Federer tells the faith and courage of incredible young men during the Second World War

On the cold night of February 3, 1943, the overcrowded ally vessel U.S.A.T. Dorchester, carrying 902 soldiers, crossed the dark waters near Greenland. At 1 am, a Nazi submarine launched a torpedo on the side of the transport, killing many… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE A history of Mexico's instability Bill Federer offers a brief summary of coups, revolutions and wars

Cortes conquered the Aztecs in 1521. For the next 300 years, New Spain, which included Latin America and parts of North and South America, was ruled by Catholic Spain . In 1808, Napoleon, a secular leader, invaded Catholic Spain and… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 Franklin D. Roosevelt: Conservative by today's standards                                 Bill Federer deals with many statements by longest-serving president

Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt warned at Madison Square Garden, Oct. 28, 1940: "We guard against the forces of anti-Christian aggression, which may attack us from without." FDR said in a Fireside Chat, April 28, 1942: This great war… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE The poet whose work you read Bill Federer tells the story of the nation's most famous blacksmith

Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow woodAnd sorry I could not travel at onceAnd to be a traveler, for a long time I was standingAnd looked down as far as possibleTowards where it bent in the undergrowth; Then… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE So as now, exploration can be a dangerous thing Bill Federer tells the courage of those who go to the unknown

Explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger, 1986 In 1519, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan undertook his first voyage around the world. On his way to Spain, Magellan began his search for a road to the East Indies along the South American… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE The "toxic masculinity" of General Douglas MacArthur Bill Federer tells the life, the faith of a famous soldier

General Douglas MacArthur, center "Our threat comes from the insidious forces of the interior, which have already so changed the character of our free institutions," said General Douglas MacArthur in Lansing, Michigan, May 15, 1952. Douglas MacArthur was born on… Continue Reading →

AMERICAN MINUTE                                 Then as now: Hands off our religious freedom!                                 Bill Federer recounts history, reasoning behind First Amendment

AMERICAN MINUTE The long and beautiful tradition of Catholic hospitals Bill Federer traces the historical importance of freedom of conscience

"Medieval Hospital" by Robert Alan Thom "It's not just about sterilization, abortifacients and chemical contraception. … This is religious freedom, sacred law, protected by our constitution. … "- Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, October 29, 2012, responded to… Continue Reading →

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