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A lawsuit claims that a teacher has arranged for the student to be beaten with a belt at school.

Chicago, Illinois – A family filed a civil rights complaint against public schools in Chicago on Thursday, claiming that their 9-year-old son was beaten at school with a belt. According to the family's lawyer, Al Hofeld Jr., they want to… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE Vermont to Christian Students: You're Not Welcomed A lawsuit challenges the banishment by the state of a class of children from the program

A new lawsuit has been filed against the heads of the Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont State Colleges System for a program that distinguishes students from religious schools and tells them that they are not welcome in a… Continue Reading →

The purpose of the lawsuit is to limit student-teacher contacts through social media, texting

SAN JOSE – A teacher accused of sexually abusing two students has been accused by a San Jose school district of having manipulated several years of warning signs. A complaint filed Monday by one of the alleged victims wants the… Continue Reading →

A USCB coach intimidated the university athlete and mocked his weight, according to a lawsuit

A university softball player pursues the University of South Carolina Beaufort after her coach allegedly harassed and intimidated her to the point that she left the team, and she stated that the school had not opened an investigation, according to… Continue Reading →

The Minnesota Court of Appeal dismisses the lawsuit of a teacher

The Minnesota Court of Appeal on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit that states laws make it too difficult to eliminate bad teachers and threaten students' rights to adequate education. the decision in the case of Forslund v. Minnesota intervenes nearly three… Continue Reading →

Kevin Child leaves school board seat, but lawsuit is pending

Although his move to the Clark County School Board ends Monday, Kevin Child will continue to fight against the Clark County School District through his trial. The sole board member – whose behavior has been the subject of multiple complaints… Continue Reading →

Johns Hopkins and Bristol-Myers face a billion-dollar lawsuit against syphilis

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) – A federal Maryland judge said that Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporation and the Rockefeller Foundation were facing a billion-dollar lawsuit for their role in an experiment of the 1940s US government that infected hundreds… Continue Reading →

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