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Students explain how teacher diversity can affect grades, comfort, and discipline

For the last part of our diversity of teachers series, we share again the experiences of those most directly affected by the class's demographics: the students. We give students the last word of the last installment of our Diversity of… Continue Reading →

Chinese students visit schools in the Stateline area

Chinese students recently discovered that the Stateline Area schools were smaller, but the houses were larger than those in Wenling, China. Groups of students from southern China have visited various locations in the Stateline region and see how cultures compare…. Continue Reading →

Are students from Utah paying too much? Council modifies tuition review practices after audit

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – The board that oversees Utah's public colleges and universities is changing the way it manages tuition fee hikes after state auditors find that students are paying too much without too much supervision. On Monday, the… Continue Reading →

After the campfire, Contra Costa's education officials are working on planning the graduation party for Paradise High's students.

For students at Paradise High School in Butte County, the school year has been tragic and chaotic since the camp fire swept through the area on November 8, killing 85 people and destroying thousands of homes. But as students try… Continue Reading →

According to a school, American fraudsters threaten international students threatened with deportation

A student from the University of Miami in Ohio claims to be the latest victim of nationwide scams in which foreign students face deportation if they do not transfer thousands of dollars to unlawful lawyers. Last month, the foreign student… Continue Reading →

Two students from Southwood Middle School accused of threatening to fire on a teacher

PALMETTO BAY, Fla. Two Southwood Middle School students were arrested on suspicion of firing a teacher who worked at their school in Palmetto Bay, authorities said Monday. According to investigators, the 36-year-old teacher received a request from a friend and… Continue Reading →

These 20 colleges received 28% of donations to universities last year, they make up 1.6% of undergraduate students.

As in many areas of our society these days, in the case of colleges, there are haves and have-nots. The 20 colleges that received the most grant money in the last fiscal year accounted for about 28% of the total… Continue Reading →

WND EXCLUSIVE Christian students earn the right to have Christian leaders A club punished after a gay man is not allowed to conduct Bible studies

A federal judge granted students at a Christian business club at the University of Iowa the right to choose leaders who defend their religious beliefs. The university had withdrawn the club's registration, BLINC, after a homosexual student complained of not… Continue Reading →

China tries to infiltrate American colleges to recruit spies and indoctrinate students, intelligence agencies say

US intelligence agencies continue to warn against From Beijing espionage activities in the United States – including commercial espionage and theft of intellectual property. "The Threat of Chinese counterintelligence It's deeper, more varied, more vexing, more difficult, more comprehensive, and… Continue Reading →

Snow creates dangerous journeys, delays the return of students to school

According to MPs, a bus left the road in Wheeling Township with about 68 students on board. The town hall was opened to keep the students warm until they can be retrieved. RELATED: More snow on the way Wednesday The… Continue Reading →

Perhaps elementary school students could eat gummy bears with marijuana

Sign in using your wpxi profile Need a profile? Register now. {* #userInformationForm *} {* traditionalSignIn_emailAddress *} {* traditionalSignIn_password *} Remember me Forgot your password? {* traditionalSignIn_signInButton *} {* / userInformationForm *} OR Log in using your account with: {*… Continue Reading →

Students from Center Point High School meet with City representatives

CENTER POINT, Ala (WIAT) – Intense discussions took place between city leaders and students Monday night at Center Point High School. The forum entitled "Straight Talk" is focused on topics ranging from crime to road safety. Six years ago, the… Continue Reading →

Marshfield schools see an increase in the number of homeless students

SPRINGFIELD, Mo The Marshfield School District is experiencing a steady increase in the number of homeless students attending this school. 111 students this year, compared to 87 last year. The district determines the number of homeless students each year during… Continue Reading →

Community colleges pay tribute to students whose lives have been transformed by education

Every year, Washington's community colleges pay tribute to students who have overcome difficult degrees. Arma Carneh, a Bates Technical College winner, has a degree in diesel technology after a difficult start. Every year, students from Washington's 34 technical colleges and… Continue Reading →

CLC students win scholarships

"Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have been able to increase our $ 41,000 in scholarship donations from last year," said Jana Shogren, Director of Resource Development and Development. CLC foundation. "We are training our future workforce here… Continue Reading →

Why a Maine Middle School Teaches Students to Measure Maggots

At Wiscasset Middle High School, an unlikely class teaches students to fingerprint, look for the psychological characteristics of serial killers, and analyze blood splatter. The classroom, forensic science, became an option for high school students about 10 years ago, said… Continue Reading →

How ubiquitous is teenage vaping? Students at this local high school formed a substance abuse support group

ORANGE, Ohio – Ahmed Abouelsoud "hit a Juul" last year, when a friend offered it. He was addicted from the beginning. You may not know the jargon here. "Hitting a Juul" means inhalation of nicotine-flavored vapors from a vaporizer manufactured… Continue Reading →

Dean's List Fall 2018: College Students Excellent

The staff of the Daily Times Posted at 6:15 am EST February 3, 2019 Belmont University, Nashville, TennesseeChristina Ayoub, of Farmington, has qualified for Dean's list of the fall of 2018 at Belmont University. Eligibility is based on a minimum… Continue Reading →

Event improves access to the school for students with learning differences

Camalot Todd From left to right: The current and former New Horizons Academy Learning Center students are presented on campus with principal, Barbara Bidell, on the far right, January 31, 2019. They are, from left to right, James Swanson, 20,… Continue Reading →

Police shoot tear gas at students after the holiday that took place on snowy day

Police used pepper ball guns, tear gas and smoke grenades to help studentssnow day "party. Hundreds of young people had gathered in the street near the campus of West Virginia University after classes on Friday were canceled due to the… Continue Reading →

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