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The group of SC teachers caught fire during the night. She lit the match

Whenever Lisa Ellis, a teacher at Blythewood High School, restarts her computer, a quote from the English novelist George Eliot flashes on the screen: "Why do we live if not to improve the lives of others". One Sunday night last… Continue Reading →

Latest news: Denver strike ends; teachers to get big increases

Teachers carry signs walking on a picket line in front of South High School early Monday, February 11, 2019 in Denver. Monday's strike is the first for Colorado teachers for 25 years, after the failure of negotiations with the school… Continue Reading →

Latest news: Denver strike ends, teachers get big increases

DENVER (AP) – Latest news about the Denver teachers' strike (local time): 11:45 Denver teachers earned a higher base salary after a three-day strike but compromised the incentive pay that was important to the school district. The union has agreed… Continue Reading →

Denver Schools and Teachers Union reach agreement after a night of discussions

DENVER – After months of negotiations, a three-day strike and an all-night discussion, the Denver teachers' strike is over and teachers will return to the classroom on Thursday. The Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) reached… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers extend strike after negotiations without agreement

Teachers carry signs walking on a picket line in front of South High School early Monday, February 11, 2019 in Denver. Monday's strike is the first for Colorado teachers for 25 years, after the failure of negotiations with the school… Continue Reading →

Senate committee approves arming of teachers

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Florida Press Service) – A Florida Senate committee to develop state-wide education policies put in place a comprehensive school safety program on Tuesday that would facilitate school district participation in a controversial program of education. guardian "and would… Continue Reading →

Buncombe County Teachers Pay Special Attention to Denver Teachers' Strike

More than half of the 4,700 public school teachers in Denver left the position. This is only the latest issue of nationwide activism on teacher compensation, funding for schools and overcrowded classrooms. This is also the first teachers strike in… Continue Reading →

On the second day of their strike, Denver teachers will try to make a deal.

After 15 months of unresolved negotiations, thousands of educators walked on Monday in the freezing cold – the city's first teachers' strike in 25 years. After a brief "period of reflection," the union said, both parties are heading to the… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers prepare for strike on wage dispute 8 hours ago

by THOMAS PEIPERT, Associated Press REPORT – On this Wednesday, January 30, 2019, on an archival photo, Denver public school teachers carry placards in the expectation of their protest after a protest in favor of a strike at the University… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers go on strike during the last walkout of an American educator

The striking teachers climbed in circles in front of the schools and marched through the streets of Denver on Monday as the cars resounded to support the latest US overthrow in the midst of a wave of educator activism in… Continue Reading →

Denver Church Denomination Ceremony to Express Solidarity with DPS Teachers

DENVER – In a demonstration of solidarity for Denver public school teachers who are preparing to go on strike, Shorter Community A.M.E. Church organized a worship service in Sunday's educators honor. Reverend Dr. Timothy Tyler has invited DPS teachers and… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers go on strike for the first time in 25 years

Denver teachers are the intention to strike Monday for the first time in 25 years after the failure of negotiations with the school district on the base salary. The Denver Teachers' Union and Public Schools met on Saturday to try… Continue Reading →

Teachers with 3D printers helped a girl who lost a finger

In a certain way, AC Lingerfelt, fifth pupil of York, still has 10 fingers, thanks to determined teachers. Lingerfelt, who attended Hickory Grove-Sharon Elementary School, lost part of his finger in May in a four-wheeled winch accident. Lingerfelt, 11, was… Continue Reading →

I was sexually harassed by 3 teachers who suspended my notes:

A former psychology student at the College of New Rochelle claims that three professors have sexually harassed her, including one who sent her a selfie from her penis, but school officials have not taken any measured. Instead, she was fired… Continue Reading →

Denver's first teachers strike over 25 years is set for Monday after the end of contract negotiations with the school district

Union leaders representing educators at Denver Public Schools ended negotiations on the contract with the district on Saturday night after more than six hours of final talks, announcing that they would implement plans for the city's first teachers' strike, on… Continue Reading →

Denver Teachers Strike: Here's What You Need to Know As Teachers Prepare to Leave Work Monday

DENVER – Thousands of educators from the state's largest school district will leave their jobs Monday after more than 15 months of fruitless teacher pay talks. MORE: Teacher Negotiations in Denver: How did we come to strike Monday As public… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers say they'll go on strike Monday

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered in the morning on weekdays. SUBSCRIBE February 10, 2019, 05:55 GMT By Associated Press DENVER (AP) – Teachers say that they will strike on… Continue Reading →

Denver teachers, district discord rooted in a complicated ProComp bonus system

The fight between Denver public school district officials and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association is essentially based on a pay system that both parties once advertised as a way to get more money for teachers and attract more money. best… Continue Reading →

Teachers in West Sonoma County Hold Public Rally to Draw Attention to Wage Disparity

Beth Trivunovic has been teaching kindergarten at Gravenstein Primary School for seven years. As a unique source of income for her family, she made sacrifices to continue living in Sonoma County and to work as a teacher. To pay the… Continue Reading →

Will CN teachers receive additional remuneration for Master's degrees? Plan enjoys bipartite support.

Some teachers in North Carolina could be rewarded with extra money for their master's degree after state legislators have canceled benefits for educators who were not already enrolled in the program. Senate bill 28 tabled on Wednesday reinstate the teacher's… Continue Reading →

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