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WND The media will not give up the story of a "racist Catholic student" Find an old video to make a dubious statement of "blackface"

VIDEO: From: 06 to 1:06, you can see a teacher or a coach from #CovingtonCatholic leading teens into a song – several Covington students are in blackface. At this match, the black players of the opposing team were verbally… Continue Reading →

University of Oklahoma president says students involved in racist video will not return to campus

0 The president of the University of Oklahoma said that students involved in a racist video "will not return to campus" NORMAN, Okla. – Fast facts: University of Oklahoma President Jim Gallogly held a press conference about a recent racist… Continue Reading →

A video showing students in the center of the March campaign will see police and protesters at school

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered the mornings of the week. SUBSCRIBE January 22, 2019, 00:43 GMT By Corky Siemaszko When students return to Covington Catholic High School on Tuesday,… Continue Reading →

Students from Covington High School speak on video for the first time since the media fire, here's what they said

Two Covington Catholic High School students targeted by media on social media on false accusations of racism he's voiced Monday against the media via a YouTube video. "We are here today to talk to you about the impact of the… Continue Reading →

De Blasio criticizes the student of preparing for video on the blackface of his students

Mayor of Blasio humiliated Sunday a chic private school in Brooklyn for allegedly attempting to sweep controversial blackface video made by his students. Dyker Heights' Poly Prep Country Day School is accused of failing to punish a trio of white… Continue Reading →

Blackface Video has an elite private school in New York City in a tumult

[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajourn√©e:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:[Cequevousdevezsavoirpourbiencommencerlajourn√©e:[Whatyouneedtoknowtostarttheday:Receive New York today in your inbox.] Two black-faced, white girls growled and swung their arms like monkeys. They jumped to the music in the background, in front of a camera, sneering when a third girl recorded them. The six-second… Continue Reading →

Brooklyn elite school says it took immediate action against highly offensive video

Breaking News Emails Receive last minute alerts and special reports. News and stories that matter, delivered the mornings of the week. SUBSCRIBE January 21, 2019, 01:03 GMT By Tim Stelloh An elite Brooklyn school said it took immediate action after… Continue Reading →

A Catholic school apologizes for a viral video of students mocking a Native American elder in Washington DC

A private Kentucky school apologized Saturday after filming its students mocking a former American, near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. "We condemn the actions of students at Covington Catholic High School towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in… Continue Reading →

Students from a Brooklyn preparatory school caught in a blackface video

Trustees of Brooklyn's very classy Poly Prep Country Day School are struggling to handle a disturbing video of two students arguing in black, sources told The Post. Nearly 400 students staged a sit-in at Dyker Heights School on Friday afternoon… Continue Reading →

A family of deceased wants to have access to a video after the murderous killing of policemen outside the school

Lawyer Lauren Regan of Eugene's Center for Civil Liberties and Charles Landeros' family held a press conference on Tuesday. Police shot down Friday Landeros, 30, in front of the Cascade Middle School. (SBG) EUGENE, Oregon – The family of a… Continue Reading →

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