Coronavirus: 3,500 students confined to the rooms of the university towns of Montpellier, Nîmes and Perpignan

The silence of the corridors of the Cité Universitaire on the Domitian Way makes one think of vacations. And yet …
Of the 1,000 students at this site in downtown Montpellier, 400 are still present. They were unable to join their families.

These young people, often foreigners and / or Erasmus students, find themselves stranded in their small H 24 room. A difficult daily life over time.

With his phone in hand, Pathé, a Senegalese student, shows us around his room before answering our questions at the foot of his building.

We eat, sleep and chat with the family via the internet and that's it! But there, it's not going to be managed like here …

In the collective kitchen, Yasid, a Togolese student in economics, does the dishes. He will not meet anyone all day long, except by our team, as a health security measure requires.

It's long, all day long to wait!

To avoid total isolation and fight against loneliness, social networks are a solution …

Imrale: we created a group on Snap, people who live here now and we chat …

If the city is rather pleasant in this early spring, many facilities are no longer accessible such as sports fields.

It's too dangerous with the coronavirus, we closed everything, all access.

These young students have just done online shopping. A moment of conviviality … while waiting to join their rooms and call their family.

Fagueye: we are far from parents, it's complicated for us and we've never experienced that. So we stay a lot in our room and a little outside.

Health, sport, daily life, the CROUS management decided to support these students confined in the various cities by all means.

For the moment it’s fine. But with the duration of confinement, morally it will be harder and harder for them "admits the director of the Cité universitaire.

A truck loaded with fresh produce has just entered … Volunteers from university restaurants supply the City of the Dominican Way. Animation in a very dull day, the opportunity also to talk a little and improve his ordinary diet with fresh products.

This is how life goes from day to day, for the 3,500 students confined to the rooms of the university towns of Languedoc-Roussillon.

More info on the CROUS social service.
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