Covid case in a school in Caen: the mayor wants to be reassuring, Sud-Éducation calls for the closure of kindergarten

The long holiday weekend will undoubtedly have not helped to dispel the concerns of parents of students who learned (often through the press) that an ATSEM had just been tested positive for COVID-19. The news came on Wednesday May 20. The school was closed. During the day, the Académie de Normandie publishes a press release: "This person was in contact, on his last day of work, Tuesday, May 12, with the students of the class of Medium Section / Large Section as well as with 11 adults who work at this school." The rectorate adds: "In accordance with the health protocol in force, all the people who were in contact with this agent were placed in the fortnight until Tuesday, May 26, inclusive and will be tested."

The listening unit is on weekends

Parents of students receive an email on Thursday, 21. But many had already learned the news on the internet by reading press articles. If they have questions, "the listening unit of the prefecture as well as that of the rectorate remain at their disposal to provide them with any additional information" clarified the Rectorate. The administration has therefore planned everything. Except that one Thursday of the Ascension … The father of a child of this nursery school tries to know what is the procedure to follow. "The prefecture makes the bridge. The town hall automatically refers to the prefecture. The rectorate cell begins with reduced hours during the bridge (…) and returns to the ARS. The ARS does not respond."

Why is the illness of this ATSEM who worked on the start of the school year, May 12, not declared until May 20? What happened between the two? These questions that parents can legitimately ask remain unanswered. The Sud-Éducation union, which was opposed to the reopening of schools, wonders: "What disinfection measures have been implemented? What information has been given to school users?" And to continue: "The CHSCTs of the City of Caen and of National Education were not kept informed. Why? Fear of scandal?"

The development of the city of Caen

This Friday, May 22, in the middle of the Ascension Bridge, the mayor of Caen provides details. The ATSEM had been on sick leave since May 13. A test was immediately ordered by his doctor. Negative. A second test was carried out a few days later. The result fell on May 20: positive. The mayor of Caen specifies that the state of health of this territorial assistant does not inspire concern.

Joël Bruneau adds that all the people who were in contact with him on May 12 were immediately placed in strict isolation until May 26 (fourteen days after the start of the school year). These are the fourteen children from the Medium Section / Large Section class, four teachers and nine city officials. All have been tested. "The first five results are negative. The rest will be known by the end of the weekend."

In the name of the precautionary principle, Sud-Éducation requests the closure of kindergarten

Isolation of so-called people "contact" will last until Tuesday 26 May inclusive. The Medium Section / Large Section will therefore reopen on Thursday 28, "if all the tests are negative". The children of the Petite Section will resume later "for material reasons, not for sanitary reasons". The other classes and the canteen will be open normally from Monday. Teachers affected by confinement will be replaced.

But the Sud-Éducation union expresses its concern and advocates, at the very least, closing kindergarten: "children of other classes were in contact with the 13 staff members today in their fortnight and were welcomed without precaution: no information, no specific instructions were given to the parents at the time of the arrest of the ATSEM until the results of the tests of all the personnel to come. The children will return as of Monday, May 25 in an even more anxiety-provoking climate with personnel they and they will not know. Any price for everyone to go to school? "