Can UCF alumni use the gym?

Affiliates of the University of Central Florida are members of the alumni association, UCF retirees, and Central Florida Research Park employees. Affiliated members with unlimited memberships can enter the RWC any time the building is open during operating hours.

Who can use the UCF gym?

The UCF Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) comprises many programs, such as intramural sports, sport clubs, outdoor adventure, fitness and aquatics. The RWC is open to all students; paid memberships are available for non-students.

How much does UCF gym cost?

Membership Types

Principal Memberships Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Cost
UC Alumni or UCR Alumni Association Member (UCR graduate) $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month or $5 per day.
International Students (IEP Extension) $169 per quarter or $56.33 per month or $5 per day.

Can Valencia students go to the UCF gym?

The Recreation & Wellness Center provides memberships to the Planet Fitness (Metro West) for all currently enrolled UCF-Valencia West students. Planet Fitness is dedicated to providing a unique environment in which anyone can be comfortable.

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How do I register for UCF gym?

You must log in to the Membership Portal; if you have not signed the waiver, you will be prompted to do so. Complete the Adventure Trip Registration Form. This form includes trip selection, trip policy information, and medical information collection.

Does UCF have a lazy river?

The addition of this feature—a 470-foot-long lazy river and 2,680-square-foot, zero-entry connected pool—offers student athletes a place to relax and socialize.

Does UCF gym have showers?

The showers have a small compartment right before the shower sections that allows users to get undressed and hold their items (allowing for privacy). One of the restrooms is located in the hallway leading to the workout classes and basketball courts. There is one located next to the second abdominal workout room.

Can UC students use other UC gyms?

ARC Members may use recreational sports facilities on any UC campus with a free reciprocity pass. During the academic year, ARC members may obtain a reciprocal pass from Campus Recreation Services prior to traveling. Certain restrictions may apply at some campuses.

Does UC Riverside have a gym?

Work out in our extensive gym, play pick-up basketball, take a group fitness class or go on an adventure with our Outdoor Excursions program. Our 80,000 square foot recreational facility is the place for fun and fitness at UCR. SRC access is included in UCR students’ tuition.

Does CSUN have a gym?

The Student Recreation Center is a 138,000 square foot facility for exercise and leisure activity that promotes lifelong health and wellness.

Is the gym free at UCF?

Students who have paid their Activity and Service Fee can enjoy an unlimited membership to all the RWC facilities and programs at no cost.


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Semester Duration Cost
Summer Semester $0

Does UCF gym have a sauna?

There’s also a high-speed video game room, a fitness center and a life-size chess board. Plus, of course, the Swedish sauna and tiki hut where stressed out students can watch the sun go down while enjoying a cool beverage.

Does UCF have a weightlifting team?

UCF Student & Team USA: World Weightlifting Championships.

How many gyms does UCF?

Your brain needs a break, so do your entire body a favor by taking advantage of our 13 facilities and six award-winning programs. At the RWC, we believe in accessibility for everybody and have set national trends in inclusive programming for students with disabilities.

Does UCF have a pool?

The Recreation and Wellness Center has two pools: the Leisure Pool and Lap Pool. The Aquatics program offers swim lessons, lifeguard tryouts, and many special events.. The Lap Pool consists of nine lanes, ranging from a shallow area of 3.5 ft to 10ft.

Is UCF gym open during winter break?

11 the main campus UCF Health Center will operate on Winter Break Hours. The Health Center will close at 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and there are no Saturday hours during those days.