How hard is it to get into Clark Honors College?

Admissions into the Clark Honors College is highly competitive. Each year, more than 4,000 students apply for a limited number of spots in our incoming class.

How good is the Clark Honors College?

CHC is an 800-person liberal arts college for high-achieving students within the UO, accepting a class of 240 freshmen annually. It’s ranked in the top 10 public honors colleges in the U.S. by Public University Honors, a third-party review organization.

Is UO honors college good?

The Honors College at the University of Utah is a place for motivated, engaged students to make a difference and impact the world. Here, students get the most out of their college education with excellent professors who love to teach, small discussion based classes, and active learning.

How do I know if I got into Clarks honors college?

To check the status of your application for admission to the Clark Honors College, visit your “Application Status Portal”. NOTE: High School Transcript and SAT or ACT Scores are shared between the UO and the Clark Honors College.

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How many students attend Clark Honors College?

What is an Honors Program? An honors program is a program designed to attract the best and brightest students to a university. Thousands of campuses across the country feature honors programs, from state flagship universities to Ivy Leagues.

Is it hard to get into Barrett Honors College?

ACT – 24, 1140 SAT, 3.0 GPA Barrett Honors College Admit rate – 2000 students. Most students at Tempe, 1600, about 200 downtown. Acceptance rate is about 70%.

What percent of college students graduate with honors?

Conclusions. We’ve seen that between 20% and 30% of students graduate with honors. The real number is hard to calculate, because of the differences between each school’s requirements. Plus, not all of eligible students always graduate with honors because of past misdemeanors of poor performance in certain courses.

How do I apply for Clark Honors College?

Applicants to Clark Honors College will complete a single application to apply to both the honors college and the University of Oregon at the same time, either through the UO’s online application (the Oregon Application), the Common Application, or the Coalition Application.

Is Clark Honors College good for pre med?

I am interested in pre-med. Is the honors college still a good choice for me? Because courses in your major are taken within the larger UO, not in the honors college, the CHC can still be a good fit for students interested in a medical career.

What is honors college OSU?

The Honors College (HC) is a small degree-granting college at Oregon State University. There are approximately 1600 students enrolled all working toward an Honors Baccalaureate degree in their academic major.

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What is University of Oregon known for?

The UO ranks in the top 20 (or top 20 percent) nationally in such varied fields as creative writing, education, environmental law, landscape architecture, psychology, sports marketing, sustainable business practices, and many more. The UO is a great place to study all kinds of things.

How do you become an honor in OSU?

In order to remain in good standing in the Honors Program, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 (3.5 for some colleges) and complete a challenging curriculum comprised of Honors, 4000-level, and/or graduate level courses as prescribed by your college of enrollment.

Does UCLA have an honors college?

The highest academic recognition the College of Letters and Science confers on its undergraduate students is College Honors, which is awarded to graduating seniors who successfully complete the College Honors program and who have an overall University of California grade-point average of 3.5 or better.