How many students live on Tempe campus?

Arizona State University-Tempe has a total of 74,795 enrolled students. By gender, 37,678 male and 37,117 female students (the male-female ratio is 50:50) are attending the school. 63,124 students have enrolled in undergraduate programs and 11,671 students joined graduate programs.

How big is the ASU Tempe campus?

The campus is considered urban, and is approximately 642 acres (2.6 km2) in size. ASU’s Tempe campus is arranged around broad pedestrian malls and is completely encompassed by an arboretum.

Arizona State University Tempe campus.

Type Main campus of Arizona State University
Campus Urban Tempe: 631.6 acres (2.556 km2)

How many students are at Tempe campus?


Enrollment – total university Fall 2021 Fall 2018
Campus immersion 77,881 73,875
Tempe 54,866 52,029
Polytechnic 5,545 5,160
West 5,209 4,463

How many students live on campus at ASU Tempe?

Arizona State University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 63,124 (fall 2020), with a gender distribution of 50% male students and 50% female students. At this school, 19% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 81% of students live off campus.

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How many students are at ASU?

Over 77,000 students are taking classes in person across ASU’s campuses and other locations, compared with 74,000 last year — an increase of more than 4%.

Is ASU a Tier 1 school?

For the fifth consecutive year, Arizona State University is ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the top tier of national universities.

What school is better Arizona or ASU?

ASU ranks 115th in the U.S. News rankings, while UA comes in at 124. Specific programs at Arizona universities get higher rankings by U.S. News, and other lists, like one ranking public universities only, put Arizona schools higher. For instance, ASU ranks 53rd and UA 58th on U.S. News’ list of top public schools.

How many black students are at ASU?

ASU – Tempe Racial/Ethnic Breakdown of Undergraduates

Race/Ethnicity Number
International 3,911
Asian 3,540
Multi-Ethnic 1,968
Black or African American 1,526

How many students are at ASU Polytechnic?

Sixty-two percent of the class, or 7,900 students, is from Arizona. The number of first-time freshmen at the ASU West campus, 745, is a 24 percent increase over last fall. There are nearly 1,400 freshmen from California in the class, a 36 percent increase.

Is Arizona State University a HBCU?

ASU ranks #40 among all HBCUs nationwide, sharing the current spot with Central State University, Florida Memorial University and South Carolina State University.

Do ASU students have to live on campus?

First year students are expected to live on campus, though we will review students’ requests to live off campus if you have extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to stay with us.

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How many students does ASU have 2021?

There are 74,795 students including 63,124 undergraduate and 11,671 graduate students at Arizona State University-Tempe for academic year 2020-2021.

Why Does ASU have so many students?

ASU is becoming a top choice for these students – the has seen 83 percent enrollment growth in undergraduates from California since 2006 – who are attracted to the university for many reasons, including its top academic programs, accessible faculty, small class size in comparison with most large public research …

Is ASU the largest university?

Arizona State University (55,552 students) With 55,552 students, Arizona State University, also known as ASU, is the countrys largest university. ASU consists of four campuses located in the same metropolitan area; however, this count is for the Tempe, Arizona campus, only.