Quick Answer: Can you leave the College of Winterhold?

Yes you can, just not all. For instance, if you attack a member of the DB, you get expelled and must complete the quest “Honor thy family” to get back in.

Can you get kicked out of the College of Winterhold?

Like in the thieves guild, if you do something against the guild/college you are kicked out. Then you usually have to complete a quest or pay a fine to get back in the good graces.

Can you live in the College of Winterhold?

Property. Due to a lack of residences caused by the cataclysm, it is not possible to purchase a house in Winterhold. … The Dragonborn will have to enroll at the College of Winterhold, which will entitle the Dragonborn to a dormitory within the College.

What level should I be for the College of Winterhold?

I went to the college of winterhold when I was in lvl 3, it was quite advantageous going so soon since I’ve received 2 or 3 spells when I got there and almost for free. But you should wait to complete the college of winterhold’s quests to guarantie you get the best rewards as possible.

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How long does the College of Winterhold Questline take?

All of the magic-learning necessary in the College of Winterhold questline is completed within its first 10 minutes. Being admitted into the College requires the player to cast only a single spell (Firebolt, Helping Hand, Summon Flame Atronach, or Fear), but a Dragon Shout also works.

How do you get unsuspended from College of Winterhold?


  1. Speak with Tolfdir.
  2. Give Tolfdir 250 gold to lift your suspension (first suspension)
  3. Pay Tolfdir 500 gold to lift your suspension (second suspension)
  4. Pay Tolfdir 1000 gold to lift your suspension (third suspension)

Why did I have to pay a fine to Nazir?

Pay a fine to Nazir to get back in the good graces of the family, which completes this quest. You cannot accept or complete any contracts until you pay the fine and Dark Brotherhood members will refuse to talk to you while suspended from the guild.

Does Winterhold have a Housecarl?

No housecarl is available in Winterhold.

Do I have a room in the College of Winterhold?

Your room in the college of Winterhold is the first room to the right when you enter the Hall of Attainment on the ground floor. Yes it is. If you want to be sure open the console(tilde key) click on wardrobe to select it and type IsOwner you should see to who it belongs exactly.

Can you store stuff in the College of Winterhold?

Your room as a student at the College of Winterhold is not a safe area. You can still store things safely in the dresser, end table and wardrobe because these kinds of containers are not set to respawn.

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Can you get into the College of Winterhold without joining?

After approaching Faralda in order to enter the college you’ll have to convice her, as usual, by showing your tricks and this will already complete the quest “First Lessons”. Then she will guide you over the bridge, also as usual, and you can enter the college without any mage guild quest in your log.

What do you get for completing the College of Winterhold?

This gives you possession of the Arch-Mage’s Quarters and a vast number of free items, ranging from soul gems to alchemy ingredients. You are also given the Archmage’s Robes (15% less magicka cost on all spell schools, +50 Magicka and 100% faster magicka regeneration).

What is under the College of Winterhold?

The Midden is a dungeon located underneath the College of Winterhold and is home to the Atronach Forge.

How old is the College of Winterhold?

History. The College was founded at least 700 years ago, during the second age, according to papers found within the Arcanaeum.

What side is Winterhold on?

Winterhold is located on the northeast corner of Skyrim.