You asked: Does Apple verify student discount online Reddit?

Does Apple check if you are a student online?

An Apple Specialist will verify your eligibility using your university ID or acceptance offer.

Does Apple really verify student discount?

Apple’s US Education Store Now Requires Institution Verification to Buy Discounted Products. Apple is now requiring that customers in the United States verify that they’re active students, teachers, or staff members at an educational institution in order to access education discounts on products.

What proof is needed for Apple education discount?

Official current school transcript or tuition bill indicating name of school, student, and current year/semester. Official current report card indicating name of school, student, and current year/semester. Other official dated proof of enrollment.

How does UNiDAYS verify you are a student?

If you don’t have a valid institution email ID, click on Support and select “I don’t have an institution email address.” You can then verify your student status by using a Photo ID issued by your school, college, or university. It’ll be best if your ID card shows your name, name of your institution, and expiry date.

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Can high school students get Apple discount?

Simple answer is No for HS’s. Apple’s Education Pricing policy – on new Mac or iPad with Apple education pricing. Available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.

How much of a discount do students get on Apple products?

How much discount does a student get at Apple? Students get up to $200 student discount on all new Mac models (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro) or iPad models (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini).

How does Apple verify student discount australia?

Just like the IRS now relies on for verification, Apple decided to pick UNiDAYS for its verification needs. Anyone who wants to take advantage of Apple education pricing will need to create a UNiDAYS account, which comes with its own terms of service and privacy policy.

How do I get student discount on Apple Reddit?

To purchase with education discounts, just go to the webpage footer and you should see a tab named For Education and a sub tab named Apple and Education. This is the Educational Apple Store and all student prices are reflected automatically.

How do I claim student discount on Apple?

Avail Student Discount on Apple India Online Store

Head to the Apple Education Pricing page on your browser. Click on ‘Shop the Apple Store for Education. ‘ On the next page, click on ‘Get Started’ and sign up with Unidays to verify your age and student status.

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What is the difference between Apple education discount?

There is no difference if you buy the iPad from Apple’s Education Store – it is the same device, just at a reduced price for Students and Teachers.

How do I verify UNiDAYS without being a student?

How To Get Unidays Account without being student

  1. Students have to submit the College ID card along with College/University Edu email for the verification mail from Unidays. …
  2. Students have to submit the College ID card along with College/University Edu email for the verification mail from Unidays. …
  3. Apply Here.

How do you get UNiDAYS if you’re not a student?

First, you need to either install the app or open the UNiDAYS website. You also will have to have your student ID handy and the email address which you use at your college or university too.

How do you get student discount without being a student?

Simply taking a class at your local community college is an affordable and legit way to further your education while rewarding yourself with some of those cherished student discounts. Other ways of obtaining significant discounts would be by opting for refurbished goods.