Your question: What credit score do you need for Wells Fargo College Credit Card?

The card also offers an introductory 0% APR offer that’s good on both new purchases and balance transfers, a relative rarity in the student credit card market.

What credit score do you need to get a credit card with Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo credit card approval odds are best for people who have good credit. This means that most Wells Fargo credit cards require credit score of 700+.

Is Wells Fargo a good credit card for college students?

Bottom line: The Wells Fargo Cash Back℠ College Card is — at best — an average credit card option for students. It has some redeeming qualities, such as its cash back rewards and introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers.

Does Wells Fargo still have college credit card?

The Wells Fargo Cash Back College card is no longer available. The Wells Fargo Cash Back College card allows you to earn 1% in cash back on every purchase you make, and 3% in cash back on select purchases, up to $2,500 spent, during your first six months as a cardmember.

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Which FICO score does Wells Fargo use?

While Wells Fargo uses FICO® Score 9 for some credit decisions, there are many different credit scores available to consumers and lenders. FICO® Scores are the credit scores used by most lenders, but different lenders (such as auto lenders and credit card lenders) may use different versions of FICO® Scores.

What credit does Wells Fargo pull?

Wells Fargo uses all three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Either one or more credit bureaus may be used when evaluating a Wells Fargo credit card application. Cardholder reports suggest the state you live in may factor into which credit bureau Wells Fargo uses when it pulls your credit report.

Can you upgrade Wells Fargo College card?

3. You can potentially upgrade to a different Wells Fargo card later. While it’s not guaranteed, some cardholders may have the chance to upgrade their card to another Wells Fargo product (one that earns richer rewards) when they graduate.

Does Wells Fargo have a college account?

The Wells Fargo Student Checking Account charges a $5 monthly fee to keep the account open. The fee can be waived if you meet any of the following requirements: Maintain a $1,500 minimum daily balance during the statement period. Make 10 or more debit card purchases in a statement period.

Can I upgrade my Wells Fargo College credit card?

Wells Fargo’s account agreement for its Cash Back College Visa Card states, “If your account remains in good standing, your account may be upgraded to a non-college credit card once you graduate from college. Not all accounts will qualify for upgrade.”

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Did Wells Fargo get rid of the student credit card?

Wells Fargo Cash Back College℠ Card is no longer available. For other options, check out more student credit cards.

Does closing credit card affect score?

A credit card can be canceled without harming your credit score⁠; just remember that paying down credit card balances first (not just the one you’re canceling) is key. Closing a charge card won’t affect your credit history (history is a factor in your overall credit score).

What is Discover Card good for?

The Discover it® Cash Back card is great for new cardholders who want a dollar-for-dollar match on all cash back earned in your first year, as well as 5% cash back on rotating quarterly categories like, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and when you pay using PayPal, for up to $1,500 in purchases …

Does Wells Fargo have pre approval?

You can only get a Wells Fargo credit card pre-approval in the mail, or if you’re already a client, you can sign in to your online account and click on the Products & Offers tab to see any pre-qualifications you might have.

Does Wells Fargo do a hard pull for credit card?

Yes, the Wells Fargo Secured will do a hard pull. You can apply for it with bad credit though. There is no way to get pre-approved for the Wells Fargo Secured. A hard pull usually causes an applicant’s credit score to drop by 5-10 points.

Does Wells Fargo use FICO 9?

Wells Fargo provides customers access to their FICO 9 score, but this score is not exclusive to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is not a credit bureau so when they provide this score, it is actually being run on credit data provided by one of the three major credit bureaus.

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