France Culture mobilizes to help pupils and confined students

Officially launched on March 18 by the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the "Learning Nation" operation should make it possible to "Provide teachers, students and their families with quality programs linked to school programs". For the time being, France Télévisions (with Lumni, its platform open to all), Arte (thanks to Educ’Arte, intended for teachers) and Radio France are making this content available.

On the France Culture side, its director, Sandrine Treiner, confirms to World than "The chain is ready". Mandated on March 16 to coordinate programs in collaboration with the ministry, it asked each antenna producer to make a selection of educational content. Which are then sent to the national education system, which validates them and, then back to the chain, are edited by the digital department. With a double concern: "Present a coherent educational package" and "Make students want to go inside" – hence an effort on the presentation of content, which is also chosen from the most recent, "Because we don't do radio today as we did yesterday …".

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Some 150 programs, validated, are already replayable – since it is understood that in this period of crisis it is not a question of producing. Whether it is broadcasts around authors on the baccalaureate program, readings and adaptations, poems, most often read by great actors, France Culture's offer, enriched every day, is, according to Sandrine Treiner, "A complement" and "The opportunity to learn differently."

Special program

On Sunday, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., France Culture will also offer a special program on education and culture during periods of confinement. For Sandrine Treiner, it's about "To offer a program that is both an exchange of ideas and a practical guide with recommendations, initiatives relay throughout France, etc. " With, pegged to the body, and even if in this period doubts remain as numerous as certainties, the urge to believe that "Education, knowledge, culture will be allies, even, and to use the vocabulary of the President of the Republic, massive and major weapons".

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Divided into two parts (the first hour will be devoted to education and the second to culture), the program, which aims to "Positive", will be animated live by Frédéric Martel, alone in the studio with, in front of him, a technician – also alone – while some twenty speakers will be contacted by telephone or digital channel. In addition to Jean-Michel Blanquer (Minister of National Education and Youth), and Franck Riester (Minister of Culture and Communication), listeners should be able to hear Denis Mollat ​​(publisher and director of the Mollat ​​bookstore), Nathalie Heinich (sociologist), Wajdi Mouawad (director of La Colline theater), Macha Makeïeff (director of La Criée, the National Theater of Marseille) or Marie Lavandier (director of the Louvre-Lens).

"At a time when the world is closing, culture is opening up", notes Sandrine Treiner, welcoming Moulinsart's decision to reopen for one year the rights to broadcast the audio adaptation of four Tintin albums. Reason to hope that, as she points out, "We rebuild our forces differently". Always with the concern of giving voice to a plurality of voices in order to continue sharing and thinking about the world.

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