High school students prevented from taking continuous assessment tests finally escape zero


HOPE – Fourteen high school students from La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime, who had not participated in the continuous exams for the new bac due to blockages, may ask to retake the tests, announces the Poitiers academy.

These fourteen Rochelle high school students will be able to breathe a little … The Poitiers academy has just announced that they will be able to ask to retake the continuous examinations of the new bac. These students were unable to pass them due to the blocking of their high school. They will be able to take these tests by May.

In a press release sent to hooly News, a spokesperson for the education authority explains that this decision was taken "in conjunction with the Ministry" of National Education. "Given the difficult context" surrounding the common continuous assessment tests, the E3C, often postponed due to blockages in many high schools, "we want to give high school students a second chance," said the rectorate. "Each situation will be studied with kindness," he adds. A victory therefore, for these high school students and a reverse for the rectorate.

But also a reason for hope for other students, several academies and principals having threatened the students who would refuse to take a test, without valid excuse, of a pointed zero, a rule recalled several times by the Ministry of Education.

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At the Valin de la Rochelle high school, a first test had been postponed due to blockages by opponents of the bac reform. Despite this postponement, fourteen high school students were also unable to take the test, due to new blockages.

The high school students had been summoned by the headmaster of their high school who had initially told them that they risked having zero. Then, in a second interview, they were informed that they could ask to pass the catch-up.

Meeting at the Ministry of National Education paid off

A dozen of these students had come to proclaim their anger, under the windows of the Ministry of National Education in Paris, alongside the FCPE (Federation of parents' councils) to request the cancellation of these zeros – which n were only "risks of zero", repeated the rectorate. The FCPE asked "either the cancellation or the postponement of the tests", which account for 1.7% of the final grade of the bac, according to Magali Icher, president of the Federation of parents of pupils (FCPE) of Ile- et-Vilaine.

Monday, February 10, the FCPE was invited to the Ministry of National Education for a meeting. This proved to be fruitful for the association of parents of pupils.

Since their launch on January 20, these tests (called E3C in jargon) have aroused the anger of unions, teachers and high school students who want to "block" this reform of the bac wanted by Jean-Michel Blanquer. Hostility to this reform was reflected in the blocking of several dozen establishments in France and overseas, and in the postponement of tests in several dozen high schools, out of 1,600 public high schools in total.

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