At the microphone of Europe 1, Isabelle Pailleau, psychologist specializing in positive education, gives her advice on how to use the car properly with her children when going on vacation, while Saturday was classified as black according to Bison Smart and that part of the country fears the heat wave.

More than ever, this summer, beware of the crossover between “juillettistes” and “Augustiens”. Despite coronavirus traffic still present, this weekend combining departures and returns from vacation will be very dense on the roads, since the day of Saturday was classified black in the direction of departures for the first time this summer. But the day will be all the more complicated with the high heat expected everywhere in the country, some departments even being classified in orange heatwave alert this Friday.

Take regular breaks

For family trips, it is sometimes complicated to manage children for long hours on the road, recognizes at the microphone of Europe 1 Isabelle Pailleau psychologist specializing in positive education. “The most important thing is that they have to snack on fresh things like fruit and be busy,” she says.

Thus, to avoid the “we are hot” combined with the timeless “is it still far?”, The psychologist recommends “to stop regularly and take them out to gas stations” so that children can drink and stretch your legs. “You really have to take into account the size of the body, which cannot remain immobilized for eight hours”, explains Isabelle Pailleau. “Especially with the heat,” she abounds.

“You have to be careful, because children have a great need to drink”

And to fight against high temperatures, it is possible to “put water on the face” and possibly place a damp towel at the windows, suggests Isabelle Pailleau. But one thing is certain: children should be given water to drink regularly. “You have to be careful, because children have a great need to drink, so you really have to give them water often. You have to remember to stop and refresh them regularly”, concludes the psychologist.