The first graduates of the University of Namibia veterinary school were recognized on July 23, 2020 in a virtual ceremony.

This is a first for this southern African country renowned for the beauty of its national parks. Namibia has had 17 veterinarians trained in the country since July 23, reports The Namibian. They officially received their diploma during the virtual ceremony organized by the University of Namibia (University of Namibia, Unam). New graduates are part “the first promotion of the Unam school of veterinary medicine, which was created in 2016”, indicates the log.

However, Mbumba, phe president of Unam, greeted during the ceremony the “risk” then taken by these students noting that he was “not easy to be a pioneer group”. “It is with joy and pleasure that we put forward our first cohort of 17 veterinarians graduated from the University of Namibia”, did he declare.

By explaining the purpose of their specialty – caring for both domestic animals and those left in the wild , he let it be known that these vets could “decorate the Namibian rhinos”. A practice that the country has been using since 2014 to protect the species of the famous black rhinos, the endangered pride of Namibia, from poaching.

Namibia has hitherto used veterinarians from neighboring countries. “Graduates are expected to meet Namibia’s demand for locally trained veterinarians. The country employs foreigners, mainly from Zimbabwe and South Africa.”, Explain The Namibian.

To absorb these new veterinarians that Namibia can now train, the creation of “51 positions” within the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Agrarian Reform has been approved by the government. “The ministry currently has 78 state veterinarian positions, most of which are occupied by Zimbabweans,” precise The Namibian. However, the Namibian authorities have also appealed to the private sector to employ them.