People are furious about a hot chip limit warning

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Chips, fries, pommes frites, call them what you want, but a golden fried potato stick is universally recognised as the all-time greatest snack.

But it seems someone’s got a real chip on their shoulder about it.

A study, released this week by Harvard academic and nutrition scientist Professor Eric Rimm, claimed people should consume no more than six chips per day to avoid long-term health problems.

Prof Rimm rudely described hot chips as “starch bombs” and urged people to reduce their consumption immediately for their own good.

Naturally, the research has sent social media into meltdown, with people fighting for their right to eat chips any time, anywhere and in any amount they damn well please.

media_cameraSocial media is incensed about the limits placed on their hot chip consumption.

Twitter lit up this morning with furious chip enthusiasts condemning Prof Rimm’s life’s work and joining forces to stuff as many chips into their chip holes as they possibly can in a show of rebellion.

Because, let’s be real for a second: Who is ever going to stop at six hot, crunchy chips, when they could just scoff the entire box and go back for thirds?

Clearly, the good professor has never had a poutine in his life, or relished a cup of chips and gravy.

Many people took to Twitter to explain the very vital role fried potatoes play in their lives.

Others have vowed to take to the streets and devour hot chips in massive quantities.

That’ll show him.

Even Harvard University students are defying the study, piling their plates high with golden crunchy treats and boycotting campus events.

The study disturbed a US news anchor so much she took it out at work.

Probably should have kept that reaction for the water cooler, Liz.

Well Professor Rimm, I guess you’ve been ‘served’.

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