Proposals to get out of joint ownership

Nearly 35 family associations gathered on Friday morning in the hall of the Directorate General for Education and Teaching (DGEE) at Tuterai Tane in Pirae. 5 main lines of proposals to get out of joint ownership were returned to them.

The Directorate of Land Affairs seeks to identify the expectations and proposals of family associations in matters of joint exit. A major consultation has taken place since last August. This morning, the associations concerned were invited to return this work. From these consultations, five main areas were prioritized by the participants:

Consolidate genealogical databases

improve the accessibility of online files, consolidate the country's database with documents available abroad (National Archives of Overseas, London Missionary society).

Tools to manage joint ownership

In terms of joint ownership management: the implementation of tools and / or devices promoting the management of joint ownership (advice of elders "To'ohitu", trust), the proposal of regulatory mechanisms to preserve the family heritage

Reform the land court

Concerning the land court: reform the operation in order to shorten the deadlines and limit the number of postponements, automate the transcription of judgments in order to reduce the cost (exemption from fees)

Better inform

In terms of information: develop training in the use of online consultation tools such as OTIA (Cadastre), produce a guide to enlighten users on the route in terms of joint exit

Better synergy between public services

In terms of public services: better coherence between the services in order to limit the movement of users between the different services (Directorate of Land Affairs, Service of Archival and Audiovisual Heritage, Service of Town Planning).

Proposals to get out of joint ownership

All of these recommendations were the subject of a booklet which was given to participants during this meeting. A brief presentation to representatives of family associations of the 2020-2035 master plan was also made. This new version incorporates the proposals from the various consultations conducted in 2019 with professionals and users of the sector (family associations, regulated professions, notaries, lawyers, surveyors)

Hear the details of Loyana Legall, Director of Land Affairs, At the microphone of Abinera Tematahotoa:

There are nearly 80 family associations in Polynesia. Today, a thousand cases are before the land tribunal, which concerns nearly 2,000 families.