Best answer: How do I qualify for DOST scholarship?

To be able to enjoy the scholarship, applicants should pass the 2021 S&T Undergraduate Scholarships Examination and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree program in any of the priority fields of study at a state university or college or any private higher education institution that is recognized by the Commission on …

Is DOST scholarship still available 2021?

For DOST Scholarship, you can now start filing your application. The deadline of filing is extended until January 31, 2022 (Extended).

Is there an exam for DOST scholarship?

The DOST-SEI did not conduct the national scholarship qualifying examination in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Institute employed data analytics and proxy indicators in place of the exam to identify qualifiers.

How many pass the DOST scholarship?

Out of the total number of passers, 5,172 qualified as scholars under the RA 7687 Scholarship Program, scholarships for gifted students who belong to economically disadvantaged families; while 3,822 passed under the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program (Click here to view the list of qualifiers).

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Is DOST exam hard?

The exam has relatively difficult test items because they require you to do mental computation or critical analysis before arriving to a probable answer. Do not spend too much time on any particular item that you find difficult. Answer all the items you know first while skipping the more difficult ones.

Can a Grade 11 student apply for DOST scholarship?

Must have grades in Grades 9, 10, and 11. Must be natural-born Filipino citizen.

How do I become a scholar in the Philippines?

Scholarship Qualifications

  1. He or she must be a Filipino citizen;
  2. He or she must be a senior high school graduate and/or candidate for graduation;
  3. The family gross income must not exceed four hundred thousand pesos (Php 400,000.00)*
  4. Must avail of only one CHED scholarship or financial assistance program; and.

Does DOST have entrance exam 2021?

WHEN IS THE NEXT DOST SCHOLARSHIP EXAM? The date of nationwide qualifying examination is set on October 25, 2020. August 7, 2020 Update: DOST-SEI postponed the conduct of DOST scholarship exams this year. New target is between January – June 2021.

How much is the allowance of DOST scholar 2021?

DOST undergraduate scholars will also benefit from the increased monthly stipend of P7,000 per month from the previous amounts of P5,000 – P6,000.

How much is the monthly allowance of DOST scholar?

The new S&T scholars will receive a monthly stipend at ₱7,000, tuition fee subsidy up to ₱40,000 per academic year for those who are enrolled in private universities and colleges; book allowance; MS/PE clothing allowance (one-time only); one economy-class roundtrip fare per year for those studying outside of their home …

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How much is DOST thesis allowance?

Scholarship Privileges

A. Regular Academic Year
Tuition and other school fees (for scholars enrolled in private HEIs) ₱40,000.00 / year
Thesis Allowance ₱10,000.00
Graduation Allowance ₱1,000.00
B. Summer Allowance (if required in the curriculum)

How do I know if I am eligible for CHED scholarship?

To be qualified as a CHED scholar, you must be: A Filipino citizen. A graduating Senior High School student with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 93% – 95% for Half Scholarship and 96% and above for Full Scholarship. From a family with a maximum Annual Gross Income of Php 400,000.

What are the subjects in DOST exam?

The test includes the following domains: Logical Reasoning, English, Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Technical and a Self-Inventory part.

Is architecture included in DOST scholarship?

If you are looking for a scholarship for your college education, you can still apply for the DOST Scholarship.

DOST Courses for the DOST Scholarship.

Aeronautical Engineering Health Science
Applied Statistics Marine Science
Architecture Materials Engineering
Astronomy Mathematics
Astronomy Technology Mathematics and Science Teaching