How many people go to College of the Canyons?

College of the Canyons is a public institution in Santa Clarita, California. It has a total enrollment of 20850. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 26-to-1.

What is College of the Canyons known for?

Opened in 1969, the college has fostered a reputation for innovation, excellence, partnerships, and student success during its service to the community.

Does College of the Canyons have dorms?

College of the Canyons does not have dormitories, therefore students may not live on campus. At the International Students Program we try to facilitate contact between prospective students and housing providers as a service to both.

Is COC open to the public?

Are the College of the Canyons’ track, swimming pool, or another facilites open for public use? Unfortunately, none of the COC athletic facilities are open for public use, due to insurance liability issues.

How many acres is College of the Canyons Canyon Country?

College of the Canyons

Motto Start here. Go anywhere.
Students 17,148 (as of 2016)
Address 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road , Santa Clarita , California , 91355 , United States 34°24′16″N 118°34′05″WCoordinates: 34°24′16″N 118°34′05″W
Campus Suburban, 153.4 acres (62.1 ha)
Colors Blue and Gold
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What do canyons look like?

A canyon may be defined as a narrow, deep, rocky, and steep-walled valley carved by a swift-moving river. Its depth may be considerably greater than its width. Some sources use the words gorge, ravine, and chasm interchangeably with canyon.

Is College of the Canyons non profit?

Coming to Campus? The College of the Canyons (COC) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit auxiliary organization formed to generate philanthropic support for College of the Canyons. … The Foundation encourages inquiries about the wide variety of college programs and opportunities supported through generous donations.

Does College of the Canyons have cosmetology?

Cosmetology / Barbering – Canyons Technical Education Center.

Is College of the Canyons online?

Taking advantage of technology, online education allows students to complete courses outside a face-to-face classroom setting by completing course lessons, activities, assignments, discussions and exams online.

Does COC have a gym?

Located in the West Physical Education building, the Cougar Cage has a smaller gym adjacent to it, which is available for classes and practices. The newest facility, Physical Education East, houses a second gym, locker rooms and athletics offices for the ever-growing COC athletic community.

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Is COC a university?

College of the Canyons (COC) is your gateway to a complete American university education. 99.9% of COC international students, who follow their education plan and want to transfer, transfer to a four-year college or university.

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Does College of the Canyons have a baseball team?

2020 College of the Canyons Baseball Roster – College of the Canyons.