Quick Answer: Can you get a bachelor’s degree from Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech’s Associate Accelerated Program helps high school graduates earn an associate degree in just 11 months and prepares them to transfer seamlessly to a four-year college to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Can you get a bachelors from Ivy Tech?

Graduates of the General Studies degree at Ivy Tech have been able to transfer into bachelor’s degree programs at four-year institutions. Some of our graduates have also been able to move directly into the workforce working in a wide variety of industries.

What type of degree can you earn from Ivy Tech?

Explore Ivy Tech Degrees and Certificates

Engineering Associate of Science Associate of Science – Mechanical Engineering T-SAP
Engineering Technology Associate of Science
Entrepreneurship Associate of Applied Science
Environmental Design Associate of Applied Science Associate of Science

Is Ivy Tech a 4 year or 2 year college?

Our Graduates

Graduates of our Associate of Science (AS) degree program can seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution through our Transfer as a Junior program.

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Is Ivy Tech a 4 year school?

Ivy Tech Community College offers a variety of exceptional programs and concentrations statewide. Each campus provides a wide variety of options that let you hit the ground running, whether you want to continue your education at a four-year school or start your career as soon as possible.

Does Ivy Tech accept everyone?

This opportunity is open to students regardless of which campus they attend at Ivy Tech. It also makes no difference if you get your degree through virtual classes, online, or face-to-face.

Does Purdue accept Ivy Tech credits?

Ivy Tech Transfers

Ivy Tech Community College and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University have partnered to make it easier to transfer into Purdue after earning certain associate degrees. … Upon completion of the AS degree, many of your credits will transfer toward a Purdue technology degree in.

Do you need SAT scores for Ivy Tech?

SAT scores of 25 or higher in reading, 27 or higher in writing and language, and 500 or higher in math on tests taken within the last four years. *Scores may vary depending on the year the SAT was completed.

What is the tuition for Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech Community College’s Associate Accelerated Program (ASAP) helps high school graduates earn an associate degree in just 11 months and prepares them to transfer to a four-year college to earn their bachelor’s degree.

What is the cost of a 3 hour class at Ivy Tech?

The price per credit hour remains at $149.55, the lowest in Indiana. Ivy+ textbooks means all required textbooks are one price. No more questioning the cost of books! For even more value, students* in the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters will have the cost of required textbooks covered, for free!

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Can you live on campus at Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech is a commuter college and does not operate residence halls. However, the Office of Student Affairs may have information on housing in the community. Ivy Tech accepts no responsibility for locating, approving or supervising local student housing.

What is Ivy Tech most known for?

We have grown to become the largest public postsecondary institution in Indiana—and the largest singly-accredited statewide community college system in the entire country. We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Does Ivy Tech offer an associate’s degree in the field of robotics?

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Advanced Automation and Robotics will give you the knowledge and skills for career entry or advancement in a current job.

What is the average class size at Ivy Tech?

With an average Ivy Tech class size of 22, students will get the attention they need to be successful!

How many Ivy Techs are there?

Ivy Tech Community College has a total enrollment of 72,689 students. The full-time enrollment at Ivy Tech Community College is 21,242 students and the part-time enrollment is 51,447.