Tuesday, June 23, the rector of academy Benoît Delaunay, accompanied by Jean-Luc Duret, academic director of national education services, Michel Mason, inspector of national education and mayor Philippe Calléja, went to Pierre-et-Marie Curie elementary school, then at Girbet college.

His arrival in the CM1-CM2 class of Elise Pinasseau is part of the national operation "A book for the holidays", instituted in 2018 and carried out with CM2 students. This year, they are leaving elementary school with a richly illustrated collection of twenty-five La Fontaine fables to read during the holidays. The objective is to strengthen the taste and the practice of reading among these pupils who will enter college, by giving them the opportunity to discover a work of literary heritage and to share the pleasure of its reading with their family, their comrades. and their teachers.

Élise Pinasseau, who had previously worked on La Fontaine, had several students recite fables and asked them questions, which the whole class enjoyed answering. A pedagogical sequence carried out with mastery and shared by the schoolchildren, which earned them the congratulations of the rector, who concluded by saying: "a book for the holidays, is a gateway to the passage in 6th, but also a book for life. He must give the taste for reading and the desire to expand his literary horizon. "

The delegation then joined the college where it was welcomed by Latinist students, those who have French as a second language (FSL), and by Franck Burille, the principal, who took him around the establishment. The opportunity to meet the teachers and finish with the original presentation of the theater class and the rugby section in the entrance. The tour ended with a relaxed drink with the teachers and students in the hall.