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students deprived of laboratory

Last Wednesday (June 24, 2020), the entire room that served as a laboratory for student researchers in experimental sciences was emptied without any precautions. Their equipment was intentionally moved to the hall of a building 2 of the DSI of the Martinique pole of the AU.

It's done for this year! Student researchers can no longer continue their work in experimental sciences.

Their equipment was moved without precaution however they are machines and other scientific tools more than sensitive.

"It's an act of sabotage " protests Odile Marcelin-François-Haugrin.
The vice-president of the university pole of Martinique deposited a handrail.

Because the case is serious! In addition to the consequences on the academic career of student researchers, the machines and other scientific analysis equipment that have been moved must be handled according to a strict protocol.

Indeed, the biosphere research group manipulates bacteria for its work. Thus, for example, the PSM (Microbiological Safety Post), like the rest of their equipment, was moved from Room 4, which they recently occupied, to the Hall of Building 2 of the DSI (Interfaculty Scientific Department). However, this device, which allows the manipulation of micro-organisms while preserving the safety of the manipulator. To move it there is a strict procedure. This prevents contamination by bacteria for example.

The doors on almost the entire ground floor of building 2 were also removed. Thus, it is impossible for the university to reconstitute a research room for scientific students.

Not to mention laboratory dishes. The student researchers were preparing culture media … by that, culture of bacteria !!

"But who could have done such a malicious act?" Wonders Juliette Smith-Ravin, head of the biosphere research group at the Martinique university center. And above all, why? does she conclude …

It must be said that his research group attracts light.

Studies with international influence

The "Biosphere" research group on the Schoelcher campus brings together student researchers. Their experimental studies offer, among other things, to the Martinique pole of the University of the Antilles, a global influence.

Several of their theses have been published in international scientific journals. Last year the group even obtained the first patents in the world for the development of the formulation of pure guava juice.