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EngineerGirl @ Stanford University

Featuring interviews with Professor Sheri Sheppard and engineering students Grace Young,Emily Bohl, Maria Filsinger, Marina Dimitrov & Ariana Qayumi from Stanford University. https://engineering.stanford.edu/ #EngineerGirlShow highlights the amazing women in engineering… Read more »

Education For All: Who Learns? Who Pays? and Why? – Joel Samoff

This lecture by Joel Samoff (Stanford University) was given as part the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative’s summer school on Globalisation, Regionalisation and Privatisation of Education. It explores global targets… Read more »

Queer Talk at Cal (Part I)

Prepare to Heal, Engage, Reclaim, and Empower (HERE) Queer Awareness Days April 16-29 at UC Berkeley Add your voice to the conversation: geneq.berkeley.edu/QAD Geneq@berkeley.edu Video transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rTV0994feh_OlTRF0CJO7G8wpReFh7_tWXc_8AH0y_Q/edit Link to Part… Read more »