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People are furious about a hot chip limit warning

Chips, fries, pommes frites, call them what you want, but a golden fried potato stick is universally recognised as the all-time greatest snack. But it seems someone’s got a real… Read more »

Harvard University Student Kicked Out of Apartment For Being Lawful Gun Owner

Harvard University Student Kicked Out of Apartment For Being Lawful Gun Owner Evicted for following the law. This could be dangerous if this is allowed to go unchallenged! SUBSCRIBE: —… Read more »

Massachusetts doctors going the startup route

One graduated from Harvard Medical School but never practiced medicine, deciding at age 26 to develop a device to fight obesity. Another graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine… Read more »

Michelle Obama brings her message of empowerment to Boston girls

Former first lady Michelle Obama swept into Boston on Saturday, chatting with young women about their lives — and hers — at a Dorchester roundtable in the afternoon, and was… Read more »

Celebrity Physician Reflects on Harvard Experience

Celebrity medical expert Dr. Ian K. Smith is taking a turn in his career and promoting a new mystery he’s written based on his experience as one of a few… Read more »

If Loyola did it, why can’t NU, BU, or Harvard make the Final Four?

Basketball isn’t the first thing that comes up in a conversation about Loyola University of Chicago. Its nice location beside Lake Michigan would come before that. Maybe even its law… Read more »

2 scholars due to speak at Harvard barred from leaving China

A researcher at a prominent Chinese think tank repeatedly targeted by the Communist government said Monday he and the organization’s director have been barred from leaving the country. Jiang Hao… Read more »

Without a Proof, Mathematicians Wonder How Much Evidence Is Enough

Four researchers have recently come out with a model that upends the conventional wisdom in their field. They have used intensive computational data to suggest that for decades, if not… Read more »